How do you convert \[0.20\] into a fraction and percent $?$

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Hint: The fraction is part of a whole number or thing like as one-fourth part of $1$ will be written in as $\dfrac{1}{4}$.
Fraction has a two-part numerator and denominator. A number on top of the fraction is called the numerator and the number on the bottom of the fraction is called the denominator.
Percent is one-hundredth $(\dfrac{1}{100})$ part of any whole number and for fraction or decimal digit it $100th$ times. It is represented by a symbol: $%$.

Complete step by step solution:
First, we convert \[0.20\] into a fraction:
To convert \[0.20\] into a fraction we will count the number of digits after the decimal point is $1$ not $2$ because we can write this number as $0.2$ and both numbers are the same. If the number was $0.21$ then we consider that the number of digits after the decimal are $2$ and so we will multiply it by $100$ and divide it by $100$
Here we have only one digit after the decimal point. Now we will multiply it by 10 $($to convert $0.20$ into the whole number divide it by 10 to convert.
The number will be written as $0.2\times \dfrac{10}{10}$
When we multiply $0.2$ with $10$ it will be a whole number as $2$
Hence the fraction of \[0.20\] will be $\dfrac{2}{10}$.
Now we convert \[0.20\] into percent
To convert decimal value \[0.20\] into percent just multiply it by $100$ then it will be $20$.
To write it in the percent value end of the digit use percent symbol $%$
Therefore the percent value of \[0.20\] will be $20%$.

Hence the fraction of \[0.20\] is $\dfrac{2}{10}$ and the percent value of \[0.20\] is $20%$.

Note: If the numerical value is a whole number then convert it to divide it by $100$ and add symbol $%$. And if the numerical value in the decimal form then multiplies it by $100$ to convert into percent and add the symbol.