IOQM 2022-22 Answer Key and Paper Solutions

Vedantu’s IOQM Paper Solutions for 2022-22

Every year a number of students from across the country come together in order to appear for the Olympiads. These olympiads are conducted with the aim of bringing together and channeling out the best minds and thereby picking out the most talented one among them. Thus, every year there is a drive among the students to become the chosen one and claim the medal for themselves. But it is transparent to the naked eye that in order to attain the status, the students need to work through their blood, sweat and tears, and thereby present the best version of themselves in the answer sheets. Vedantu understands the needs and requirements of the student, and presents the best study materials available to the aspirants to contribute a small part in the success of the student. Apart from this, the candidate is also introduced to the other aspirants. Thus, they learn with their peers, in the process of which they come across the areas that they seem to be lacking behind and thus, work at attaining mastery over them.  

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IOQM 2021 - Analysis Solution and Answers Key part-1
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Eligibility for IOQM

In order to be eligible for the IOQM, students need to look into the following points;

  • Candidates should have the DOB  on or after August 1, 2001, and must be  studying in Class VIII, IX, X, XI or XII.

  • Candidates who are part of the or studying in Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVs) and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas (JNVs) are not allowed and eligible.

  • Indian citizens are only allowed to apply though, provisionally, students who possess OCI cards are eligible to apply for the exam but they need to follow certain conditions. 

  • Orders  of the Madras High Court imply that students in possession of the OCI status cannot be the part of the  Indian team in the International Mathematical Olympiad. These  students are only  provisionally eligible in the selection for all the prior stages, that is, up to and including the IMOTC.

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Different Stages of Mathematical Olympiad 

There are six stages that the candidate representing India encounters while applying for the IOQM. This has been followed from the previous years, but concerning the Covid situation, the pattern has been reduced to a total of 5 stages. 


Stage 1 - Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Mathematics (IOQM)

IOQM is an examination of a  total of  three-hours. The question paper holds a total of  30 questions with every question having an integer answer in the range 00-99.  The syllabus and standard for this examination is said to be the same as that of PRMO of the previous years. Students who are able  to clear and qualify in IOQM are selected for the next step -.INMO (Indian National Mathematical Olympiad).


Stage 2 - Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO)

The INMO is  a four-hour examination. The question paper possesses a total of 6 questions and The syllabus and standard concerning this examination will follow the footsteps of the INMO of the previous years.

The students who are  qualified for the INMO 2021 will be prepared following the given rules.

  • The Top 300 students, from class XI or below, in addition to 60 more from class XII category from every  region in IOQM will be awarded  a certificate only if they attain a minimum cut-off  of 5% of the total marks of the IOQM paper. But it is to be kept in mind that this is not the qualifying criteria for the  INMO. 

  • The Top 540 students in the IOQM merit list will be qualified for the  INMO without any concern of the  regional quota. Under this rule, the number of in class 12 will be 90, whereas the total students from class VIII, IX, X, XI students will be a total of 450 

  • 30 students from class XI and below in addition to six students from class XII category and 5  female  students irrespective of the number of girl students qualifying in class XI or below category from every region will be eligible to qualify for  INMO without any concern of the scores. It is to be noted that no girl student studying in class 12th will be eligible to qualify in the girl’s category. But it is mandatory for the student to attain a minimum cut-off of 5% in the total marks in the IOQM paper.   


Stage 3 - Orientation/ Selection Camps (OCSC)

Under this stage the student will  undergo  theoretical and experimental sessions. Only 30-40 students will be eligible to compete against one another in order to be able to qualify for the Pre Departure Camps. These camps provide orientation to the students that involve the Olympiad level of theoretical, experimental, and observational (for astronomy) tasks.  A great amount of emphasis is put on the development of the conceptual foundations and problem-solving skills. 


Stage 4 - Pre Departure Camp 

This stage has only 4-6 students qualifying from stage 2. They undergo a training programme at HBCSE. These training programmes are based on theory and experiments that the student needs to be prepared for before he/she departs  to compete at the International level. In order to provide this training, special laboratories have been developed and erected in HBCSE to serve the purpose. Different institutions across the country  send their resource persons across the country to be a part of these  training camps.


Stage 5 - International Olympiad 

The final  Olympiad programme revolves around the  participation of a total of 4-6 Indian students in the International Mathematical Olympiad. These students are accompanied and guided  by 2-4 teachers/ mentors.

In order to avail the answer key and paper solutions for the IOQM, 2021-22, visit the website of Vedantu. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Where to avail the guidelines for the IOQM?

Ans: The students can visit the website of vedantu to get an exclusive knowledge on the IOQM examinations. This website will help in guiding and assisting the students to fulfill their requirements and thereby attain their desired results. The students can also download the answer keys from the website of Vedantu to cross check or practice for the future examinations. Vedantu is a trustworthy site, and the student will never be left behind on any sort of information that might be important for the candidate. 

2. What is the examination pattern for the IOQM?

Ans: The examination pattern pertaining to the IOQM is as follows;

  • The total duration of the examination is a total of 3 hours. 

  • And the examination mode is offline

  • The paper consists of integer type questions.

  • There is no negative marking

All these points are to be kept in mind before the candidate sits for the examination. The aim of the candidate should be to complete the questions well before time and save some time for revising the answers so as to keep everything well planned.

3. Is Vedantu a trustworthy website to prepare for IOQM?

Ans: Yes, without any doubts, Vedantu is the best website for the students who aim at applying for the IOQM examinations and wish to prepare for exams in a full fledged manner. The website focuses on providing the student with the best materials available, so as to contribute a little part in the success of the candidate. With the practice of the materials provided by vedantu, the student will attain adequate practice and knowledge that are necessary for qualifying the examination with flying colors.

4. Is the IOQM exam tough?

Ans: No, the IOQM exams are not tough. But in order to attain good marks in the examination, the candidate has to be very well prepared and thorough with all the concepts. It is clear that the questions asked in the IOQM question papers are usually based on the syllabus from the NCERT/ICSE/State board curriculum. Therefore, it is advised that all the preparing aspirants have to be thorough with the topics that their curriculum offers. Apart from this, they should also refer to the sample question papers to get an idea on how the questions are set for the exam. Following these steps will help them score good grades in the examination. 

5. How to prepare for the IOQM exam?

Ans: The first step that the student needs to take in order to perform well in the IOQM examination is the designing of a timetable, where they should allot time for the preparation of the IOQM exam. Being thorough with all the topics that are taught in the school and making relevant notes will help the student retrieve the topics easily. Alongside, practicing from the sample question papers and going through previous year’s question papers will also prove to be of immense help for the aspirants. These can be downloaded from the website of vedantu in the pdf format and can be utilized offline 

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