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NMTC-2023: Previous Year Question Papers for Class 5 and 6

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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NMTC Class 5th and 6th Previous Year Question Papers - Free PDF Download

Here you will find the free PDF Download of NMTC Previous Year Question Papers with a step-by-step guide of solutions and answer keys. As you know AMTI conducts NMTC for 6 different groups NMTC Primary (Class 5th & 6th)  NMTC Sub-Junior (Class 7th & 8th) NMTC Junior (Class 9th & 10th) NMTC Inter (Class 11th & 12th) NMTC Senior (Degree Classes)Previous year question papers are always a cherry on cake when it comes to preparing for the competitive exam. Various toppers have always mentioned that they practice at least one previous year question paper when they want to be prepared for the final exam. It helps them to understand the nature of the questions, exam pattern, frequently asked questions, and time-bound solving.


If you really want to qualify for NMTC-2023, you should always refer to previous year question papers, mock tests, and sample papers. Vedantu has always come up with a dedicated informative page where you can find all previous year question papers with their answer key or solutions so that NMTC aspirants don’t need to scratch their heads while searching for them.


Here you go with Previous year Question Paper list