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InPhO 2023-24 Exam Date

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Indian National Physics Olympiad Details on Vedantu

Indian National Physic Olympiad (INPhO) is the second of India's five-stage Olympiad programs in Physics. It eventually leads to the International Physics Olympiad's selection. The Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education conducts the Indian National Physics Olympiad  (INPhO) Exam on the final Sunday of January (or the first Sunday of February). Students in school (often in grades 11 and 12) must first pass the National Standard Examination in Physics (NSEP), which is held on the last (or second last) Sunday of November each year. Around 300 to 400 students are chosen for INPhO from over 40,000 students who take the test at around 1400 locations across India, depending on their results and regional quotas for the states from where the students take the exam. Different state-by-state cut-offs exist for INPhO selection. The INPhO Exam is used to choose candidates for OCSC (Orientation Cum Selection Camp) and to represent India in the Asian Physics Olympiad in the discipline of Physics (APhO). The majority of pupils that pass the INPhO are in their final year of high school. However, pupils have qualified for INPhO as early as the eleventh grade and, in exceptional cases, as early as the ninth grade.

Exam Stages NSEP

The test is designed for students in grades 9 through 10, with a focus on grades 11 and 12. Students who have completed Class 12 are ineligible to participate in the NSEP. Furthermore, students must meet IPhO's age requirements (less than 20 years of age on June 30th of the year of the respective IPhO). If a student is proven to be ineligible for the exam at any point throughout the programme, he or she may be dismissed. A one-time charge must be paid upon registration. There is no TA/DA offered. The NSEP is not required for applicants who have already participated in the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) or the Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO). Such applicants must, however, obtain authorization from the national coordinator to write the INPhO directly.

Eligibility: The examination is for students in 9th,10th, 11th and 12th standard.

Syllabus: The syllabus is equivalent to CBSE class 11 and 12 physics syllabus.

To participate in the NSEP, students must meet the necessary qualifying requirements. They must get a score that is greater than 50% of the top 10 scores. This is the lowest score that can be accepted (MAS in short). They are chosen for INPhO if they get a score of more than 80% of the above-mentioned average. This is the Merit Index score (MI). Following the selection of these students, additional are picked from below the MI but above the MAS, until the state's quota of seats is filled, either entirely or to the greatest degree practicable.

OCSC Physics

Students who score in the top 35 on the INPhO are invited to attend the Orientation and campus selection camp (OCSC).


Many students obtain their marks by adding 40% of their NSEP score (as a percentage of the maximum marks possible in the test (usually 240)) to 60% of their INPhO score (as a percentage of the maximum marks possible in the test (usually 240). As a result, a list of the top 50 students is compiled, and the top eight students who are willing to take the APhO exam are chosen. It should be noted, however, that in 2017 and 2018, just 5 students were registered for APhO.


The student must pass OCSC Physics, i.e., be among the top 5 students with the highest overall OCSC score.

InPhO Exam Date


Date (Tentative)

Starting date of Enrollment for InPhO-2024

September 2023

InPhO exam date

Sundays in January 2024

FAQs on InPhO 2023-24 Exam Date

1. What is the InPho exam pattern?

Ans: The syllabus for INPhO is based on the CBSE board's school syllabus for grades 9 and 10. The syllabus for the National Physics Olympiad, on the other hand, is considerably more challenging and unconventional than the questions that come with the questions for higher secondary school students, which are only a general guideline. In light of this, the IPhO and INPhO syllabuses should be deemed equivalent. In part 1 there are 50 multiple choice questions, 40 questions in which there will be four alternatives available, but only one will be accurate and 10 questions each question will be approved if it has one or more options. In part 2, 5 or 6 short-answer questions, all of which are worth the same marks.

2. How to enroll for the InPho exams?

Ans: Students who desire to take the Indian National Physics Olympiad (INPho) test should follow the instructions outlined below.

  •  Students can go to the HBCSE's official website.

  •  The olympiad option will be available. 

  • After that, the student must choose forthcoming events. 

  • Students can enrol in INO by entering the required information, such as the NSE centre code, their roll number, and their date of birth. 

  • At the time of registration, students will be offered the option of selecting an examination centre.

3. What is the reference book for the InPho exam?

Ans: The reference book for the Indian National Physics Olympiad (InPho) exam are:

  • International Physics Competitions 1967-1977 - Nicolaus Vermes

  • International Physics Olympiads - Kahmeg K. Kudawa

  • Proceedings of the 15th International Physics Olympiad

  • Collection of Competition Tasks from the I through XV International Physics Olympiads 1967-1984 - Rudolf Kunfalvi

  • International Physics Olympiads for Pupils - Oleg F. Kabardin, Vladimir A. Orlov

  • 16th International Physics Olympiad- ed - Anton Moljk, Bojan Golli

  • 17th International Physics Olympiad

  • Problems in General Physics - IE Irodov

  • Arihant INPhO, Old edition

  • Arihant INPhO, New edition

4. From where can I find the best sample paper for the InPho preparation?

Ans: Students can access the HBCSE's official website to obtain and practise INPho sample papers. Students will fully understand the paper by solving INPho sample papers. They will be familiar with the sorts of questions that will be asked on the test, as well as the marking scheme and the types of responses they will be required to submit. Students may prepare appropriately if they have a thorough understanding of the question paper to meet their goals and earn excellent grades. This will also assist students in learning how to manage their time during exams. 

5. Where can I obtain prior year's papers?

Ans: Candidates who are studying for the INPhO exam can use the Vedantu's INPhO Olympiad previous year question paper. If the previous year question papers 2022 are consulted, the preparation for the INPhO exam 2023 is half done. These question papers play an essential part in the preparation for the INPhO exam 2023. Referring to past year question papers from the INPhO Olympiad helps students prepare completely for the tests and even prepares them for the kind of problems that the actual exam may provide.