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Check Details and Latest Updates of Olympiad Class 5

Last updated date: 20th May 2024
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What is the Olympiad Exam for Class 5?

The Olympiad exam for Class 5 is conducted at the National and International levels by the Indian Talent Olympiad. It is one of the most important exams that enhances the overall development of children. It is a platform where students who want to excel in academics come together and test their knowledge. It helps students to test their existing knowledge of subjects like Science, Social Science, English, Maths, Essays, Drawing, and GK. These subjects' knowledge also prepares students better for their academic exams.

How Many Types of Olympiad Exams for Class 5th?

There are 5 Olympiad exams for Class 5 conducted by ITO. These include the following:

  1. National Cyber Olympiad - NCO

  2. National Science Olympiad - NSO

  3. International Mathematical Olympiad - IMO

  4. International English Olympiad - IEO

  5. International General Knowledge Olympiad - IGKO

List of Olympiad exams for Class 5 and Free Study Materials

To enhance your preparation and give your best in the exam, find the important dates ad related study material of the Olympiad for class 5:

Olympiad Exams


Important Dates

Sample Papers



The National Science Olympiad is designed to test the intellectual abilities of a student when faced with scientific problems. National Science Olympiad competitive tests are conducted to provide a platform for candidates to examine their analytical, problem-solving, and reasoning abilities.

Level 1:
Date one – 17th October 2023

Date two – 21st November 2023

Date three – 5th December 2023

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National Cyber Olympiad expertises concepts and knowledge. This competition is to welcome future technologists and scientists. It is organised by (SOF) Science Olympiad Foundation. This subject focuses on the study of technology, logical reasoning and only has one level.

Stage 1:
Date one – 28th November 2023,

Date two – 19th December 2023

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The International Mathematical Olympiad involves two levels. It is heavily focused on testing the mathematical skills of a student. Examination is held globally, students get selected through many rounds of competitions to reach at international level.

Level 1:
Day One - 31st Oct 2023

Day two - 30th Nov 2023

Day three - 14th Dec 2023

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It is based on the English language- which is a globally known language. IEO focuses on English grammar and basic properties /standards of the English language. This examination has proved to broaden the mind and understanding of students. This exam tests the subject knowledge of a student such as precise rules of usage of English

Stage 1:
Date one – 26th September 2023

Date two – 12th October 2023

Date three – 2nd November 2023

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IGKO exam includes questions based on current affairs, general knowledge/ awareness and about life skills. This exam tests the alertness of a student however it also includes subjects- geography, mathematics, history and science. Benefits of IGKO are wide in range, for example, increasing a student's presence of mind.

Stage 1:
Date one – 21st September 2023

Date two – 10th October 2023

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What is the Maths Olympiad for Class 5?

Maths Olympiad conducted by Indian Talent Olympiad is an exam that helps school students to showcase their talent and knowledge at the International level. It is conducted in various schools across the country. The IMO Maths Olympiad Class 5 exam is divided into two levels. Students who qualify for the level 1 exam become eligible for the level 2 exam. The IMO Maths Olympiad Class 5 exam consists of multiple-choice questions. The Maths Olympiad questions for Class 5 also form a base for students to score well in their academics. It also prepares students to solve tricky questions.

What Syllabus is Covered in Olympiad for Class 5 Conducted by ITO?

The Olympiad syllabus for Class 5 is the same as that issued by the student's respective schools. The Olympiad Class 5 syllabus caters to all boards, namely CBSE, ICSE, and State Boards. Students participating in the Indian Talent Olympiad exams get an opportunity to prepare better for their school and other competitive exams. These exams help students prepare for their school exams in advance. It is because the concepts and topics covered in the academics and Olympiad exams are the same. 

However, the questions asked in Olympiad for Class 5 exams are tricky and may not be asked in the school exams. Therefore, students who practice hard to attempt such advanced-level questions find it easy to attempt school exams and other national and international level competitive exams. Hence, the Olympiad exams are the finest preparation tool for other competitive exams.

Eligibility Criteria for Class 5 Olympiad

There are no eligibility criteria for participating in the Olympiads for Class 5 students. These exams are conducted to enhance existing knowledge of the subject, increase individual intellectual thinking and make students master subject knowledge.


What are Monthly and Annual Olympiad Exams?

Indian Talent Olympiad conducts annual and monthly Olympiads for students of classes 1 to 10. Annual Olympiads are held once a year and have two levels. The ITO generally conducts this exam in December and February. The duration for the annual Olympiad exam is 45 minutes, during which students have to answer 50 multiple-choice questions. The drawing exam is for 60 minutes, and the essay exam is for 40 minutes. Students can attempt these exams on the scheduled days between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.


On the other hand, the monthly Olympiad is held every month and is a single-round exam. These monthly olympiads are held at a national level. Students achieving good ranks are awarded prizes. The monthly Olympiad exam can be taken anytime between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. The duration of this exam is 25 minutes, in which students are asked 30 questions. The rules for both annual and monthly Olympiad exams are the same. The exam pattern for drawing and essay exams is a bit different compared to other exams.

How Can Class 5 Students Apply for the Olympiad Exam?

Olympiad exams are conducted in both online and offline modes. Monthly Olympiads are conducted online. Students can use smartphones or tablets to participate in the monthly Olympiad exam. The annual Olympiads are conducted both online as well as offline. Students can apply for the Olympiad exam individually and through their respective schools. The class teachers can help students to apply on behalf of the school. 

Students are suggested to follow the below steps to understand how to apply for the Olympiad exam.

  • Visit 

  • Register yourself by filling in all the required fields asked in the form.

  • Students can opt either for monthly Olympiads or annual Olympiads.

  • For the monthly Olympiads, students can select their desired subjects. Similarly for the annual Olympiad, students can select their preferred subjects

  • Click the button ‘I agree to Terms & Conditions.’

  • Click Signup.

This will take you to the payment gateway. Once your payment is successfully done, you will receive a confirmation message. You can log in using your mobile number.

Are There Any Special Olympiad Class 5 Books Students Should Refer to for IMO, ISO, and IEO Preparation?

Generally, NCERT books/course books prescribed by the CBSE/ICSE/State Boards may be referred to for IMO, ISO, and IEO preparation. However, the following Olympiad books for Class 5 are also recommended:

  • MTG Workbooks for Class 5 

  • Olympiad Prep-Guides for Class 5

  • SOF Olympiad Trainer’ Mobile Apps

  • OSDS (Olympiad Skill Development System)

  • Previous Years’ Papers 

  • Olympiads’ Books of Reasoning (for preparation for the reasoning section of Olympiads)

  • The 100 Percent Real Test Papers

  • E-Quiz

Benefits of the Olympiad Exams

The following are a few benefits of attempting the Olympiad exam:

  • Olympiad exams help students to test their knowledge of the subject. 

  • It enhances students' analytical skills. 

  • Olympiads give students a better idea about their potential. 

  • Students get an opportunity to identify and work on their weaknesses. 

  • It challenges students' intellectual level and promotes a deeper understanding of scientific facts. 

  • Students can understand concepts in a better way than are taught in class. 

  • Olympiad exams allow students to apply their knowledge of the subject to answer questions.

Olympiad Maths Previous Year Question Paper Offered by Vedantu

The following link takes you to the page of the previous year's question paper offered by Vedantu for Class 5 to 12.

We hope the students found the information about Maths Olympiad Class 5 given on this page beneficial. To explore other related information about the Olympiad 2023-24 exam, explore Vedantu’s official website.

FAQs on Check Details and Latest Updates of Olympiad Class 5

1. How can students prepare for the Olympiad for Class 5 Science?

Students must have an analytical mindset to prepare for the Olympiad for Class 5 Science. Although Science is a practical subject that requires more of a  practical understanding of concepts, theoretical knowledge is also important to understand basic concepts. It is because these theories are applied in real life.

To prepare for Science Olympiad class 5, students must refer to workbooks prescribed by the Indian Talent Olympiad. These books have several questions that make students develop problem-solving skills from a young age.

2. How can students prepare for the English Olympiad for class 5?

Students can prepare for the English Olympiad for Class 5 using the English International Olympiad workbook and IEO previous year's question paper. Class 5 students are often familiar with prose, poems, idioms, speech, and many more. To enhance the knowledge of different topics in the English syllabus, students can solve multiple-choice questions from the English workbook for Class 5. This helps students observe their progress in each chapter by reviewing their resolved answers with the answer key. 

Additionally, students of Class 5 can also refer to the EIO previous year's question papers provided by ITO. Practising English questions makes them proficient in the English language and helps them improve their scores.

3. What is the format of the Class 5 Olympiad exam?

The Class 5 Olympiad exam paper is divided into three sections.

  • Section 1 - Subjective, 
  • Section 2 - Logical Reasoning, and
  • Section 3 - High Order Thinking Section (HOTs). 

This format remains the same for Science, Maths, English, General Knowledge, Computer, and Social Studies exams.

4. How can students participate in the International Olympiad exam?

Students can register with the Indian Talent Olympiad for online and offline exams to participate in the International Olympiad. The online test series allows students to participate in 6 subjects of the Olympiads. Students can also participate through their respective schools. For this, schools should register themself with the Indian Talent Olympiad.

5. How many questions are asked in Class 5 Olympiad exams?

The total number of questions asked in Class 5 Olympiad exams is 50. Each question carries 1 mark. These 50 questions include 35 Subjective Questions, 10 Logical Reasoning Questions, and 5 High Order Thinking Questions.

5. How do Maths Olympiad questions for Class 5 help students?

Maths Olympiad questions for Class 5 help students to work on tricky questions that are generally not asked in their academic classes.