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Top Olympiad Exams for Class 2 in 2023-24

Last updated date: 16th Jul 2024
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List of all Class 2 Olympiad Exams for 2023-24

If you’re a student or parent who’s trying to explore the Olympiad exam for Class 2 students, we got you covered. This article discusses in detail about the Class 2 Olympiad Exams, Class 2 Olympiad Books, and more. The syllabus for the Olympiads is taken by the country's leading boards. It is in line with the ICSE, CBSE, and State Board. As the topics are almost the same, kids will score good grades in their school exams as well. It boosts their thinking and helps them understand topics in depth.

Every Olympiad has a dedicated part focused on logical reasoning. This section needs students using critical and analytical thinking to answer. So, they grow as problem solvers, which will make them better competitors in the future. Read on to know more about the Olympiad exams for Class 2, how to prepare for Olympiad exams Class 2, and more in detail.

List of Olympiads Introduced for Class 2

Some Important Olympiads Class 2 by SOF

National-level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE)

The National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE) is a competency test conducted by the Unified Council, a professionally run progressive organisation, with the goal of finding and nurturing the nation's scientists. The NSTSE evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of students based on concepts since it is a syllabus exam.

International Maths Olympiad (IMO)

This is an Olympiad for Class 2 Maths. The International Mathematics Olympiad is a Mathematics competition that is organised by the Science Olympiad Foundation. This is a test used to evaluate students' mathematical talent. Students who take part in the IMO have the chance to assess their knowledge of the subject as well as their ability on a school, local, zonal, and global level. The International Mathematical Olympiad aids students in self-evaluation and provides many rewards and scholarships to top performers.

International English Olympiad (IEO)

This is an Olympiad for Class 2 English. Students from all over the world who have taken an international English language test are eligible to compete in the International English Olympiad. Students will be tested throughout the year through competitions at the local, state, and global levels in this exam.

National Science Olympiad (NSO)

For students in grades 1-12, the National Science Olympiad (NSO) is conducted to evaluate knowledge in Science. In order to identify and create potential scientists, technicians, and information technology talent in secondary schools, the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) organises NSO.

International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

Every year, the Science Olympiad Foundation conducts the International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO). This exam evaluates students' general knowledge and their awareness of current events. Although the SOF IGKO is a single-level exam, there are four levels at which the results are released: school, city, zonal, and global. Depending on their achievements at different levels, students can win fantastic incentives.

National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)

National Cyber Olympiad or NCO is an olympiad aimed at improving the level of information security through cyber education around the world. Based on four pillars of TDA - Technology, Defence, Diplomacy and Acquisition, National Cyber Olympiad is a grassroots-level initiative that has been launched by an independent nonprofit organisation. The Olympiad’s website will provide you with all the necessary information about its objectives and vision as well as list membership requirements for schools and schools abroad.

Significance of Olympiad Exam for Class 2

Let's discuss some of the reasons why the Class 2 Olympiads are important:

  • It helps in finding the subject's knowledge gaps.

  • National Olympiad for Class 2 exams help the growth of the child's cognitive and problem-solving capabilities.

  • Students develop a competitive perspective from an early age. Their preparation for future competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CAT, etc. will boost from these exams as well.

So, enrol to Online Crash Courses by Vedantu for Olympiads and increase your chances of scoring the better marks. Visit Olympiad pages to know the National Olympiad for Class 2 by SOF, how to prepare for Olympiad exams Class 2, Olympiad for Class 2 sample papers PDF and Olympiad books for Class 2, olympiad questions for Class 2 and more.


Olympiads are competitive exams conducted at the national and international levels for students in Classes 1 to 12. These exams are given to students to evaluate their knowledge as well as to develop a healthy competition in them from an early age. In this article, we discussed important Olympiad exams for Class 2 students.

FAQs on Top Olympiad Exams for Class 2 in 2023-24

1. What are some best Olympiads for Class 2 students?

Students of Class 2 will have a lot of Olympiads conducted every year for subjects including Maths, Science, English, Cyber etc. You can check detailed Class 2 Olympiads from this page for more information.

2. What is the minimum age requirement for the Olympiad?

There is no age limit for Olympiad exams. Students from Class 1 to CLass 12 can participate with their fellow classmates throughout the country. The only requirement is that they must be studying in that particular class to sit for the Olympiad meant for that grade.

3. What are some of the Olympiads conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) for Class 2 kids?

SOF conducts the following Olympiads annually for Class 2 students:

  • National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)

  • National Science Olympiad (NSO)

  • International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)

  • International English Olympiad (IEO)

  • International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

Olympiad for Class 2 registration is open throughout the country. 

4. What is the role of Vedantu for students in the Olympiad Exam for Class 2?

Vedantu helps students with a lot of study material Olympiad for Class 2 like Sample papers, PYQPs, and Crash Courses. Check out Maths Olympiad for Class 2 worksheets PDF, Olympiad for Class 2 Sample papers PDF, Science Olympiad for Class 2 worksheets PDF, and more from Vedantu Olympiad pages.

5. From where is the syllabus for Class 2 Olympiads taken?

Most Class 2 Olympiads will follow the syllabus prescribed by CBSE/ICSE/State Boards curriculum. Hence, a thorough understanding and study of the syllabus and concepts discussed in your class will do 85-90% of the job for you.