AFMC Cut Off 2020

All You Need to Know About NEET AFMC Cut Off 2020

AFMC NEET Cut off 2020 and Previous Years

The Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), located in Pune, is considered to be one of the auspicious medical institutions in India. The admission to this college will need candidates to cross the first step by clearing NEET. Scoring well in NEET will be countered as a strong point for taking admission in this college. For this, a candidate has to know about the AFMC cut off and start his/her preparation well in a standard way. In fact, you will also have to learn more about the previous years’ cutoffs so that you can assure a proper knowledge of the selection procedure. Apart from the type of question papers, an aspirant must learn the selection procedure of the college so that he/she can be fully prepared for the challenges coming in the future days. In this context, find the information shared below by our experts regarding AFMC cut off 2018 and previous years.


About AFMC: A Small Introduction

The aspiring candidates have started their preparation for the nationwide examination for medical courses. Once the higher secondary examination is over, the candidates will take the final step of preparation of NEET to become eligible for the brilliant medical colleges in India. One such college that produces the best doctors in the world is the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC). This medical college in Pune is the platform that every medical aspirant dreams of. Becoming an alumnus of this medical college will pave the way to a bright future in the armed forces. This college has its own rules and criteria to choose medical aspirants from the entire country. It offers only 150 MMBS seats for the most deserving candidates every year. 115 seats are reserved for male candidates, 30 for female aspirants and 5 for sponsored candidates.


The counseling is conducted by dividing it into several sections. To become eligible, a candidate will have to seek a brilliant score in NEET 2020. The cutoff score has not been announced by the authority this year. It will soon be released once the exam is over. The first step is to cover the AFMC 2020 cut off in the NEET exam and then proceed to the next level.


NEET AFMC 2020 Cut Off: Things you Should Know

A cutoff level is the minimum marks chosen as the last qualifying criterion a candidate has to score. The authority of AFMC will disclose the cutoff marks once the exam is over. There is no consideration regarding the cutoff marks. An aspirant can only check the previous years’ trends and get an idea of the level set by the authority. After the nationwide examination is over, the AFMC 2020 cut off NEET will be released along with the candidates who have successfully crossed the first level. This cutoff marks is thus called the lowest qualifying percentile for NEET 2020 to get admission in AFMC.

The candidates should be aware that the qualifying level of the cutoff marks changes every year. It all depends on the decision made by the authority. As per the calculations done by our experts, the cutoff level is set based on several parameters such as the number of applicants, seats available, and qualified candidates for the AFMC MBBS curriculum.


Counseling Procedure for AFMS MBBS Curriculum

The aspiring candidates must have a proper idea of the entire counseling pattern followed and directed by AFMC authority. As mentioned earlier, AFMC has an autonomous authority and follows its own guidelines. It only considers NEET as the entrance-level exam for aspiring candidates and sets its own cutoff level. Students must know how the entire process is conducted.


After proving their merit level in NEET 2020 by crossing the AFMC cut off 2020, the students will have to cross the next levels with proper distinction.

● ToELR – It is a Test of English language Comprehension and Logical Reasoning. It will be a written test where the question pattern will be set by the authority

● Document verification

● Psychological Assessment Test (PAT)

● Medical Examination

● Personal Interview

The authority takes the ToELR test for 80 marks. It is then added to NEET total marks that is 720. It becomes 800. It is then divided by 4 and the total score is then brought calculated in 200 marks. Another 50 marks will be added from the personal interview level. The total score for passing the AFMC selection procedure is 250. After scrutinizing the candidates, a merit list will be disclosed by the authority based on this 250 marks level. For this, the AFMC 2019 cut off was calculated based on NEERT 2020 marks obtained by a candidate. This year also it will be the same.


NEET AFMC 2020 cut off

All the candidates passing the AFMC cut off 2020 level will become eligible for entering the selection procedure. The offline procedure will start once the AFMC MBBS list of chosen candidates is disclosed. On scoring a high percentile in NEET 2020, a candidate might get more preference from the authority as there is a screening test allotted for selection. Let us find out the AFMC 2019 cut off NEET score the college chose previous years.

● Male candidates -  596/720

● Female candidates – 610/720

Consider the AFMC cut off 2018 level to figure out the trend.

● Male candidates – 551/720

● Female candidates – 551/720

The AFMC 2017 cutoff NEET marks are:

● Male candidates – 570/720

● Female candidates – 600/720

The AFMC 2016 cutoff level was:

● Male candidates – 498/720

● Female candidates – 536/720

As you can see, it is not possible to suggest a particular AFMC cut off level for NEET 2020. All you can do is to find a trend and get a rough idea from the above scores.



By referring to the AFMC cut off 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016, you can easily understand that the minimum score is increasing every year. It means that the number of applicants is also increasing with a stunning increase in score levels. Organize your thoughts, resources and NEET syllabus and prepare well for the national level exam to score well. Consider the AFMC cutoff list and keep it for your reference.