NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Durva Chapter 23 Haathee

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Class 6 Hindi Durva NCERT Solutions for Chapter 23 Haathee

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NCERT textbook Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Durva Chapter 23 is an excellent study material for exams. You can avail the same on Vedantu’s platform. Our subject experts prepare these NCERT Solutions in such a way that it becomes easy for every student who reads these solutions. These solutions also keep students updated about the topics and trends of the examinations. NCERT Solutions are the best way to prepare for any exam whether it's a board exam or a class test. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Hindi Durva Chapter 23 Haathee part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is the Poem Haathee All About?

The poem Haathee is written by poet Sarveshwardyal Saxena. He wrote this poem for the fun of students. It's a light poem with humour made for the students to enjoy. In this poem, there is one elephant and he was about to sing. Suddenly a mosquito entered the ear of the elephant. This irritated the ear of the elephant because of which he started to wave his ears which created a sound of tabla. It appeared as if mosquito and elephant together were doing some concert and animals in the jungle were the audience.

Q2. Why was the Elephant Sitting with His Trunk Raised? Where was the Mosquito sitting? Describe the Whole Scene.

In the poem Haathee, there was one elephant who thought of singing, so he sat with his trunk raised. He was about to sing but a mosquito entered one of his ears. The mosquito sits inside the ear of the elephant and starts to make his sound. This irritated the elephant and he started to shake his ears which produced another sound. The sound of mosquito and elephant were coordinated and unintentionally produced music. Trees around the elephant became the spectators and seemed as if enjoying a concert.