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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 12 - Give And Take

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 12 - Give and Take Free PDF Download

In Maths Chapter 12 - Give and Take, we explore the concept of giving and taking. We learn how to share with our friends and family, making our relationships strong. Get ready to discover the joy of sharing and taking turns in this exciting chapter! Maths remains one of the most important subjects for students in any class. The requirement to keep a kid’s fundamental Mathematics clear is a vital task for any teacher or parents from a very young age. NCERT Solutions help the parents achieve this goal of keeping their kid’s abilities in Maths strong. The subject matter experts are experienced in making and providing the correct methods for the betterment of every kid irrespective of their general capabilities. They provide the contents in a manner that makes Maths easy and fun for kids, also contributing to their learning.


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Chapter 12 - Give And Take


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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 12 Give and Take

NCERT Solutions of Class 2 Maths Chapter 12

NCERT Solutions Class 2 Maths Chapter 12 is both an easy and important chapter for the students. The questions and solutions that are given by the experts equip parents with the necessary materials to help their kids in practising the problems of the given chapter. Class 2 Maths Ch 12 NCERT Solutions are prepared by the experts keeping in mind their usefulness and difficulty level. Maths can be a bit intimidating to kids if they don’t grasp the concept and practice regularly. So, the solutions are prepared by experts in consideration of that.


NCERT Solutions For Class 2 Maths 



From NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 12, kids will learn how to add two numbers and how to subtract two numbers. The addition of two positive numbers does not have any rules.  While subtracting two numbers, it is important to note whether we are subtracting the smaller number from larger numbers. 


Chapter 12 - Give And Take

Class 2 Maths Chapter 12 contains Give and take problems and their respective solutions in the textbook. Give and take Class 2 NCERT solution helps a kid in solving the basics of these problems that further prepare them for higher-level Maths problems in their upcoming classes. Ch 12 Class 2 Maths is perfectly beneficial in giving kids a strong foundation and clearing fundamentals. Here the experts believe in not forcing rather guiding and encouraging young students to clear their concepts and engage them in practices of these problems of Class 2nd Maths Chapter 12.


NCERT Solutions Class 2 Chapter Wise Marks Weightage

NCERT Solutions provide the students with accurate study materials that are effective in securing good grades in exams. The NCERT Solutions of Class 2 Maths Chapter 12 prepare a student with the proper knowledge for easy understanding and keep them ahead of their classmates. Give and take problems are problems of additions and subtractions and they are at a very basic level for the students of Class 2. Give and take Class 2 NCERT Solutions explains the general method of solving problems related to additions and subtractions in faster ways. 


These solutions provided by the subject-matter experts are completely effective in ways of exam related preparations, fun and easy to understand, and are in sync with the textbook methods.

Why are NCERT Solutions Class 2 Maths Important? 

The subject matter experts understand the worry of parents and guardians of kids for the falling behind of their kids in important lessons of Math. So, they aspire to help the kids and parents in worries both

  • Maths Class 2 Chapter 12 is one of the most basic and significant chapters in preparing the kids for a higher level of Maths. 

  • NCERT Solutions Class 2 Maths give and take has all the questions of the textbook assigned by NCERT with their respective solutions elaborated in an easy method that will give parents the idea of helping kids with the practice of those exercises and engage kids in the learning process.

  • Class 2 Chapter 12 solutions are arranged by the subject experts in a manner to prepare kids for their upcoming exams, excel in the subject, and get a better understanding of the subject matter.

  • NCERT Solutions Class 2 Maths Chapter 12 has solutions to all the questions in the exercise of Ch 12 Class 2 Maths that will be helpful for students to check their answers and parents to test and verify their kids' preparations for the exam.

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Using NCERT Solutions is important for Class 2 exams. First, read the chapter in your Maths book. Then, try answering the NCERT questions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 12 - 'Give And Take.' You can get detailed solutions on Vedantu following CBSE rules. Download these free solutions to get expert help with your exam preparation. In this chapter, you'll learn about sharing and exchanging - giving something to others and receiving something back. It helps us understand how sharing makes everyone happy. While exploring simple math, you'll discover the joy of giving and taking in everyday situations.

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 2 Maths Chapter 12 - Give And Take

1. In Muneeza’s class, there are 15 English storybooks and 27 Hindi storybooks. How many storybooks are there in all?

The number of English storybooks are - 13

The number of Hindi storybooks are - 22  

So, the storybooks there in all are - 15 + 27 = 42 

(An easy process would be by bringing one of the numbers to its nearest ten. Let's bring the number 15 to its nearest ten 20. Next is subtracting 15 from 20.  5 is also subtracted from the remaining number,  to give 22. The newly formed problem is 20+22.)

2. Shekhar has 32 rupees. He bought a ball for 17 rupees. How much money is left with him?

Money Shekhar has - 32 rupees

The money he used to buy - 17 rupees

(Money to be left with Shekhar can be calculated by subtraction.) 

Money he is left with = 32 – 17 = 15 rupees

(We start from the units column. 7 is to be subtracted from 2, a smaller number. So, 1 is borrowed from the tens column. Now, we subtract 7 from 12, which gives 5. The number in the tens column is 2. numbers in the tens column are subtracted).

3. Why is this Class 2 Chapter 12 Maths important?

The chapter Give and Take focuses on the addition and subtraction of numbers. As this chapter forms a foundation for the students to carry out higher-grade mathematics, it becomes significant for the children to learn these concepts thoroughly. The Vedantu Study Guide provides the solutions in a step-by-step manner that are easily understood by students.

4. Is Chapter 12 Class 2 Maths easy?

The Chapter Give and Take is an easy and basic topic. The children must learn these concepts as they form the foundation for higher-level mathematics. The addition and subtraction of numbers is one such topic where the young kids struggle to answer. However, Vedantu offers an interactive solution set where the students can look at the pictures of the animals that allows them to learn and understand in a better way. 

5. How will this chapter help the students face real-world problems?

This chapter forms a foundation and a base for higher grade mathematics. This allows the students to apply the concepts of addition and subtraction in daily life such as counting the number of apples leftover, adding the number of fruits, etc. This also promotes engagement in the learning process. Vedantu’s experts devised a plan to make the learning process more interesting and interactive. The solutions can be found on their official website ( and the app.

6. How does this chapter help the students with their abilities?

Most of the parents want their students to excel at the Mathematics subject as it can be tricky. This chapter forms the basis of higher-level mathematics. It must make the abilities of the children strong to apply the concepts in the real world. Vedantu’s experts came up with a plan to make the knowledge-gaining process more interesting and enjoyable. The solutions can be found on their official website for online or offline reference.

7. Nikita bought 15 blue pens from one shop and 20 red pens from a different shop. How many pens does she have in total?

  • Number of blue pens bought by Nikita-15

  • Number of red pens bought by Nikita-20

  • Total number of pens- 15+20=35 pens

Therefore, Nikita bought a total of 35 pens.

Vedantu provides the solutions that are most interactive and make learning more interesting. The solutions can be downloaded free of cost from the vedantu platform.

8. Rajat had 32 apples. He gave 5 apples to his brother and 6 apples to his sister. How many apples does he have left?

  • Number of apples with Rajat-32

  • Number of apples given to his brother-5

  • Number of apples given to his sister-6

  • Total number of apples given by Rajat-6+5=11

  • Number of apples left with Rajat=32-11=21

Therefore, Rajat had 21 apples left after sharing with his brother and sister.

Vedantu offers a complete solution guide that comprises pictorial representation and fun activities for better learning.