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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for English Chapter 3.1: Summary Writing

Last updated date: 25th Jul 2024
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Download Free PDF with Solutions of Summary Writing Class 12, Chapter 3.1

Summary Writing is an essential chapter for Class 12 students in the Maharashtra Board. The chapter introduces students to the concept of Summary Writing and followed with solved examples and practice questions. In this chapter, students will be able to learn all the methods to solve questions on Summary Writing. In order to understand the chapter in detail, refer to the PDF where solutions can be downloaded for the chapter.

These solutions for Maharashtra Board Class 12 English Chapter 3.1 Summary Writing have been carefully designed by the subject matter experts at Vedantu who are completely well-versed with the essential topics and sub-topics included in the chapter. Downloading the Summary Writing Chapter 3.1 solutions will help students gain a better understanding of the chapter.

Access Maharashtra Board Solutions for English Class 12 Section Three 3.1 Summary Writing

Ice Breakers

1. Discuss in pairs and guess the correct alternative for the following.

1. To summarize means .

(a) Put information in chronological order

(b) To recapitulate the main points in selection

(c) To introduce new information

(d) To write one’s opinion about selection

2. The type of summary that consists of a paragraph to express the main idea is .

(a) Outline 

(b) Report 

(c) Synopsis 

(d) Written summary

Ans: Do it yourself.

2. There are various ways of incorporating other writers’ works into your own writing. They differ according to the closeness of your writing to the source writing. Match the ways of writing in brief given in column:

(A) with their descriptions in column (B).

Sr. No.

(A) Ways of writing

(B) Descriptions




It includes not just the main idea but every detail expressed clearly and to the point.




It includes selection of proper lines from the given text for correction, condensation and organization.


Précis writing


It includes the most essential part or the crux of the matter.




It includes taking broader segment of the source and

condensing it slightly.




It includes main ideas into one’s own words.


Gist Writing


It must be identical to the original and match the document word by word.

Ans: Do it yourself.


(A1) Complete the following as instructed

Read the passage and write its summary according to the given steps.

Communication is a part of our everyday life. We greet one another, smile or frown, depending on our moods. Animals, too, communicate, much to our surprise. Just like us, interaction among animals can be both verbal or non-verbal. Singing is one way in which animals can interact with one another. Male blackbirds often use their melodious songs to catch the attention of the females. These songs are usually rich in notes variation, encoding various kinds of messages. Songs are also used to warn and keep off other blackbirds from their territory, usually a place where they dwell and reproduce. 

Large mammals in the oceans sing too, according to adventurous sailors. Enormous whales groan and grunt while smaller dolphins and porpoises produce pings, whistles and clicks. These sounds are surprisingly received by other mates as far as several hundred kilometres away.


Communication in the Animal Kingdom

Animals and humans use communication to express different emotions and messages through vocal and nonverbal means. Blackbird males have a reputation for singing to attract females and prevent other males from entering their area. Sea mammals sing to attract mates from as far away as hundreds of kilometres.


(i) Cut redundant words :

We’re often inefficient in our language, using more words than necessary. Consider the following phrases. Find five more redundant words.

  1. “Circle around” can become “circle.”

  2. “Write down” can become “write.”

  3. “Added bonus” is simply a “bonus.”

  4. “Get to the point as quickly as possible” is really “get to the point.”

  5. “Close proximity” is “close.” 

  6. “During the course of” is “during.”

Ans: Five redundant words are given below: 

  1. Current trend 

  2. Free gift

  3. Completely finished

  4. End Result

  5. Return back 

(ii) Avoid adverbs :

Adverbs clutter up your copy. You can usually live without them. Here are some examples. Just delete all those italicized words and rewrite.

  1. “That’s usually a good thing to do.”

  2. “That’s fairly good coffee.” 

  3. “I totally agree.”

  4. “Actually, I disagree.”

Ans: The correct answers are: 

  1. “That’s a good thing to do.” 

  2. “That’s good coffee.”

  3. “I agree.” 

  4. “I disagree.” 

(iii) One word substitution:

One word substitutes are words that replace a group of words or a full sentence effectively without creating any ambiguity in the meaning of the sentences.

  1. The life story of man written by himself: autobiography

  2. A sound that cannot be heard: inaudible

  3. A list of books : catalogue

  4. A sentence whose meaning is unclear: ambiguous

Find as many examples as you can from the internet and make a list.

Ans: Here are a few examples of one-word substitutions:

  • Employing a metal or stone plate with a smooth surface for printing - Lithography

  • Pathology is the scientific study of physical illnesses.

  • The study of rocks and the earth is known as geology.

  • Anthropology: The study of human development

  • Autocrat: One with unrestricted power

  • An allegory is a story, lyric, or visual work that can be read in a way that reveals a hidden meaning, usually a moral or political one.

  • In the same phrases as when they were first used - Verbatim

  • Ambidextrous - Capable of utilising both hands

  • One who abstains from drinking - Teetotaller


(i) Use of noun in apposition :

Apposition is a grammatical construction in which two elements, normally noun phrases, are placed side by side, with one element serving to identify the other in a different way; the two elements are said to be in apposition. Apposition can be used to make the compound sentences short and simple.

Neha is their eldest child and she is very intelligent.

- Neha, their eldest child, is very intelligent. [Here, Neha and their eldest child

are the same person.]


  1. The person I'm closest to is a director. She is a Bangalore resident. 

Bangalore is where my closest friend, a director, resides.

  1. The world's cultural centre previously resided in Athens. Now it is a ruin.

Formerly the centre of the world's culture, Athens is now in ruins.

(ii) Transforming Complex to Simple: By using phrases like '' or using nouns\phrase instead of a clause :

Nagpur is the city where oranges grow.

- Oranges grow in Nagpur.

The old man is so weak that he cannot walk.

- The old man is too weak to walk.

Change the following sentences into simple:

  1. Mr Rohit is the member and he is also the director.

  2. The room is so small that it cannot accommodate many people.

  3. You have to prove that you are innocent.

  4. He was late so he walked in a great hurry.

Ans:  Complex sentences are written into simpler ones as given below: 

  1. Mr Rohit is the member and director. 

  2. The room is too small to accommodate many people. 

  3. You have to prove your innocence.

  4. Being late, he walked in a hurry.


(i) Read any book of your choice and write its summary according to the steps explained in the chapter.

Ans: Summary of the book: Hamlet by Shakespeare

William Shakespeare's tragedy, Hamlet relates the tale of Prince Hamlet, a young prince of Denmark, who has gone home from school to grieve the passing of his father, the King of Denmark, who had passed away two months before. Hamlet is horrified to return home and discover that his mother has already wed his uncle, who has now proclaimed himself king. Prince Hamlet then sees the ghost of the Danish king, who informs him that Hamlet's mother and uncle killed the monarch. The ghost of the deceased king then commands his son to kill the new king in revenge for his death. Hamlet then hatches a plan to take revenge, but in his obsession, he also accidentally kills Ophelia's father and drives the woman he loves. Ophelia gets insane and ultimately kills herself. In response, his uncle hatches a plan to murder him. The play concludes with a fight between Ophelia's brother and Hamlet in which the King, the Queen, Ophelia's brother and Hamlet all are killed. 

(ii) Find some professions that require the skill of summary writing and editing. Write them in your notebook.

Ans: Some occupations that require the ability to write and revise summaries include the following:

  • News reporter 

  • Content Editor 

  • Proofreader 

  • Film critic

Importance of Maharashtra Board textbook solutions for Class 12 English Summary Writing

The Chapter 3.1 of the Class 12 syllabus of English for the Maharashtra Board, Summary Writing, is quite crucial. The chapter discusses all the important topics such as She Walks in Beauty. Students can learn about Small Towns and Rivers. They also get to learn the formulas and its application in real life.

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Benefits of using Vedantus' PDF Solutions for Class 12 English Maharashtra Board

  • The solutions for Class 12 Chapter 3.1 for the Maharashtra Board Students have been created by Vedantu experts. With amplified knowledge about the concepts, they have left no detail unexplained in the chapter. Students can use elaborate explanations, examples, etc., to gain further understanding of the chapter.

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  • They can prepare properly for their examinations by solving the problems with the help of the solutions. All details about different ways to solve Summary Writing have been explained. Students can build a strong foundation for the chapter with these solutions.

  • During revision, these solutions and practice sets can come in handy to revisit anything when you are having doubts about your answers.

Complete Your Practice With Maharashtra Board Class 12 English Chapter 3.1 Solutions

Download Maharashtra board Class 12 English solutions Chapter 3.1 Summary Writing and start your practice today. With time, you can download more practice sets and solutions to strengthen your problem solving.