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Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Accountancy Chapter 10 Computer in Accounting - PDF

Last updated date: 22nd Mar 2024
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Maharashtra Board Class 12th Solutions for Accountancy Chapter 10 Computer in Accounting – Download PDF with Solutions

Students of Class 12 Maharashtra Board can now rely on the solutions for the chapter titled Computer in Accounting. The final chapter included in the syllabus of Accountancy deals with the use of computers in the process of accounting and bookkeeping. Students can understand the importance of computers in accounting and how the different software systems are used for creating financial statements. They will also get a comprehensive idea about the use of Accounting Software options.

Students can take the help of the important questions, solutions, and notes for the chapter created by the learned subject matter experts at Vedantu. Including these resources in their study material will definitely help the students in properly understand the concepts and applications included in the chapter. Download the Maharashtra Board Book Keeping and Accountancy 12th Notes Chapter 10 Computer In Accounting from Vedantu and get help from experts with your syllabus.

Importance of Maharashtra Board Accountancy Class 12 Chapter 10

The last chapter of the Accountancy Syllabus for Class 12 Maharashtra Board students is titled Computer in Accounting. In order to score great marks in the examinations, students will have to understand the chapter thoroughly, and this can be done with the notes and solutions offered by Vedantu experts. In the chapter on ‘Computer in Accounting,’ students are going to learn about the different applications and uses of computers and computer systems in the world of Accountancy.

The chapter deals with the concept of Computerized Accounting and details every single topic in the most elaborate manner. Students will find out the different components used in Computerized Accounting. Apart from that, they will be familiar with the features, importance, as well as limitations of using computers in accounting. Also, they will be taught about computerized accounting statements, accounting software options, accounting package options, and much more.

The chapter provides complete and comprehensive information regarding the use of computers for the creation of accounts, financial statements, balance sheets and much more. There are examples and explanations provided for a better understanding of students. Downloading the Maharashtra Board 12th BK Important Questions Chapter 10 Computer in Accounting will help students practice more and understand the chapter better.

Benefits of MSBSHSE Class 12 Accountancy Chapter 10 Solutions

  • Important solutions for the chapter Computer in Financial Accounting have been provided by Vedantu experts for the improvement of students. With the solutions and notes, students can easily understand the procedures incorporating the use of computers in Accounting and much more.

  • Students can use the notes and solutions to revise the chapter before their examination. These references are extremely helpful in offering a concise idea about the chapter. So, students don’t have to go through the whole chapter before their exams.

  • Students can easily answer the questions in their own way by just referencing the solutions provided by Vedantu. This will help them in dealing with both theoretical and practical questions about the chapter.

Download Important Solutions for MSBSHSE Class 12 Accountancy Chapter 10

Learn the basics of using computers in accounting, accounting software, and much more with Vedantu’s notes and solutions. Download the Maharashtra State Board 12th Book Keeping & Accountancy Solutions Chapter 10 Computer In Accounting by Vedantu to get your concepts cleared.

FAQs on Maharashtra Board Class 12 Solutions for Accountancy Chapter 10 Computer in Accounting - PDF

1. Mention two different computer application software which are used in accounting.

Two of the most common application software used in Accounting are Excel and Tally.

2. How can an electronic spreadsheet be used?

Electronic spreadsheets are mostly used for payroll accounting and for recalculation purposes when the values are changed.

3. Name 2 information systems that are used in organizations these days.

Executive Support Systems and Management Information systems are two examples of information systems used in organizations.

4. How can an accounting information system be used? 

An accounting information system can be used to collect, store, and process financial data to produce meaningful reports that help in making business decisions easier.

5. Mention 4 different components of a computer system. 

The 4 components are CPU, monitor, keyboard, magnetic recorder, etc.