KBPE Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2020

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KBPE, which is known as the Kerala Board Of Public Examinations, is an independent department for education, being responsible for conducting the Public Examinations such as SSC, HSC, A-LEVEL, SSLC, TTC, KTET, KGTE, and THSLC. KBPE functions directly under the Government of Kerala, Ministry of Secondary Education, and thrives on promoting for the world-class education in Kerala.

From different KBPE functions, a few most notable ones are governing and executing activities such as devising courses of study, prescribing syllabus, conducting exams, giving affiliations to colleges, including the provision of support and directions.

KBPE Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper 2020 part-1
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. When was the Kerala Board of Public Examination Established?

The KBPE came into existence in 1965 to regulate and supervise the intermediate system and higher education in the Kerala state and to specify the courses of study.

2. How Can We Check the KBPE SSC Results?

You can check the KBPE SSC Results online by reaching out to the official website and entering the class and roll. For complete details on how to check the results, you can also visit the Kerala SSLC Results page.

3. What is SCERT Mean by?

SCERT, otherwise called the State Council of Educational Research and Training is an autonomous body of the Education Department is entrusted with planning, implementation and the evaluation of all academic programmes ranging from pre-school to higher secondary levels.

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