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Write a composition (in approximately 450 — 500 words) on the following subjects: Write an original story beginning with the following words: "The silence of the evening was broken when I heard my sister's shrill cry……”

Last updated date: 22nd Jul 2024
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Hint: Story writing is an art form where you narrate imaginary events in a sequential manner. The given question has already given you a writing prompt. Use this beginning to frame a story that fits its context.

Complete answer:
You can make your story more interesting by adding elements such as suspense and drama.
Let us begin writing our story now-
The silence of the evening was broken when I heard my sister's shrill cry. I raced through the rooms of our house since I was so scared. My heart was in my throat. Had Rhea somehow fallen down and hurt herself?
I raced upstairs to where the bedrooms were. Rhea’s bedroom was ajar. I slowly pushed her bedroom door open. I found Rhea sitting by the study table with a laptop placed in front of her. “What’s wrong?” I asked her, panting heavily.
“Didi, do you remember the story that I wrote?” I stared at my sister uncomprehendingly. Some glimpses of our conversation last week came back to me. “Yes”, I replied cautiously. “What does that have to do with anything? Why did you scream?” She looked at me and said without missing a beat, “My story has got fifty thousand likes on Instagram. I screamed because I was so excited.” I do love my sister a lot but at times like these, I don’t know whether to congratulate her or to scold her for her thoughtlessness.
But not going the other way, I composed myself and congratulated her. We both started having a look at the instagram posts and double tapped on the ones we both liked. This went on for about 15 minutes.
Then suddenly Rhea looked at me. Her big brown eyes were filled with lots of emotions. I could not understand the reason behind her sudden change in mood. She kept looking at me for a while. But soon I lost patience and asked her what the matter was.
“ Didi, there have always been times when I feel very lonely and my heart feels heavy with emotions. It is then that I talk to you, pour out all my feelings and all my worries vanish. I start feeling cheerful again and my heart gets relieved from the burden of those negative emotions. And the affection and composure with which you listen to all my nonsense make me feel joyful again. This is something I have never told you. But you know what the truth behind my stories is? It is you!
You are my ultimate source of inspiration, joy, thoughts, ideas and what not. Even if I pen down those stories but the main credit goes to you. So thank you so much didi for always being there with me and I know you will always remain the same.”
I did not have words to reply to such an honest confession of feelings by my little sister. What only I could do was to blush and smile. Afterall, this was for the first time in my life that I felt myself to be so important for someone.

Note: You can change the direction of your story by adding a plot twist. Also remember that feelings and emotions are an indispensable part of any story.