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Which of the following is not the name of physical quantity?
A) Displacement
B) Momentum
C) Meter
D) Torque

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Hint: Some bodily quantities are more fundamental than others. Physical portions are categorized into two kinds. There are fundamental and derived portions. Fundamental or base portions are quantities which cannot be expressed in terms of any other physical portions. We recollect that all bodily portions need to be classified through the form of numbers and houses of size units into three as opposed to classes, which include dimensional portions, numerical enumerated quantities, and relative numerical quantities. Overall, there are seven primary dimensions.

Complete answer:
Meter is a unit of length and now not an actual quantity at the same time as relaxation is bodily quantities.
Length, Mass, and Time are the essential portions of mechanics. A charge is now not an essential quantity however Current is the bottom amount for electrodynamics. Primary (once in a while called basic) dimensions are described as impartial or critical dimensions, from which different dimensions can be acquired.
The primary dimensions are mass, length, time, temperature, electric-powered modern-day, the amount of mild, and the quantity of counting on. Displacement (symbolized d or s), additionally known as period or distance, is a one-dimensional amount representing the separation among two defined factors. The general unit of displacement in the International System of Units \[(SI)\] is the meter \[(m)\] is the volume a fundamental quantity ordered.

Hence (C) is the correct answer.

Note: A physical amount is a quantity in physics that can be measured, thus a physical asset that may be quantified. Examples of physical portions are mass, the Quantity of substance, length, time, temperature, electric-powered contemporary, mild depth, force, velocity, density, and many others. Physical portions are described in every physical model. To make knowledge of bodily fashions less difficult, physicists agreed on the definition notion of the physical portions common to many fashions. Therefore, physicists outline bodily quantities, and that they must decide whether or not defining physical portions as described inside the New Perception of Physical Quantities is better than leaving the physical quantities undefined as presently.