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Which of the following is an electrical insulator?
A) Rubber
B) Silver
C) Iron
D) Gold

Last updated date: 14th Jun 2024
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Hint: Metals are a very strong electricity and heat conductor since the atoms in the metals form a structure that allows external electrons to travel freely. They form a sea of electrons, which surround the positive nuclei of the conducting metal ions instead of orbiting their respective atoms.

Complete step by step solution:
The most common advantages of rubber properties are elasticity, water resistance and electrical insulation. Electrons are firmly entangled in rubber molecules and typically take a lot of energy to split up. Nearby atoms cannot be exchanged with the closely bound electrons. The properties of rubber also slow down the electrons and consequently block them from travelling. The main function of a rubber insulator is to retain electricity in the material, particularly as the electric pad. Rubber is a very good option.

Silver, and copper and gold are the most electrically conductive elements. The highest thermal conductivity and highest light reflectance is also found in Silver. Copper and gold are most commonly found in electrical applications, even though it is the safest conductor, since copper is less costly and gold has a much better corrosion resistance. Because silver tarnishes, the external surface becomes less conductive. It is less suitable for high frequencies.
Iron has metal bonds, where more than one atom can be freely transferred by electrons. This is known as relocation. This is why iron is a good conductor.
Although copper and silver are stronger conductors than gold, gold preserves the longest conductivity as it does not readily tarnish or corrode. This is why gold is mostly used in plating in which the air is exposed. Gold is still very ductile and very thin. Gold is useful for welding, too. However, the high cost of making gold electronics means that copper wire is much more popular.

The correct option is (A).

Note: Rubber is a good insulator. Rubber is also waterproof and acts as a seal between the molecules that makes it a very poor insulator. The electrons, like metals, are locally bound and not free. The arrangement of valence electrons materials that decide their conductivity, semi-conductivity, and insulation qualities; Radiation, lead, or convection. A wave electron or photon exits the sparkling atom in radiation. In behaviour, the heat is handed over as if it is a pumped or blown bucket brigade from nuclear to nuclear convection, in order to transfer the heat there.