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Which of the following energy is possessed by light?
(A) Light
(B) Sound
(C) Kinetic
(D) Potential

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Hint Light consists of a small packet of energy called photons. Light travels with a very high speed in the form of electromagnetic rays. Photons have energy but their mass is zero.

Complete step by step solution
Kinetic energy possessed by objects having some mass and moving with a certain velocity. Here light has very high velocity but it is massless then light doesn’t possess kinetic energy.
Sound energy is possessed by sound waves and light is not sound ways but light is electromagnetic waves and both are different. Then light doesn’t possess sound energy.
Potential energy depends on the potential value of the object but light doesn’t have any potential property that why light does not possess potential energy.
Light energy is possessed by electromagnetic rays. And light is also electromagnetic rays then light possesses light energy.

Hence the correct answer is option A.

Note Intensity of light depends on the number of photons. Electromagnetic rays are produced by accelerating charge. We only see the visible light whose wavelength range is 400-700 nano-meter. Electromagnetic rays don’t need any medium to travel, that's why light can travel through free space.