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Which of the following chemicals is used in removing ink stain from clothes?
(A) Ethyl alcohol
(B) Glycol
(C) Benzoic acid
(D) Oxalic acid

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The various chemicals are used for the removal of ink stain from clothes. Basically the solvent is used, it may be oxidizing solvent or reducing solvent. Although some acids and detergents are also used, oxalic acid is one of them as it is helpful in converting insoluble iron to soluble ion.

Complete step by step solution:
> Oxalic acid is used in removing ink stain from clothes as it is helpful in the reaction of insoluble iron to the soluble complex ion.
For the removal of ink stain from clothes, the solvents are used. There are numerous type of solvents i.e. Oxidizing, reducing, lacquer, or inert solvent. All the solvents have different applications.
> Acids are too used for the removal of stains. Citric acid known to be the bleaching agent is effective stain remover.
- In earlier times, phosphoric acid, and hydrofluoric acid were used but now these are unavailable in the market due to their toxic nature.
- Now oxalic acid is used as rust removal acids. It converts all the insoluble iron compounds to the soluble compounds.
Thus oxalic acid is used for removal of ink stain from the clothes.
Therefore, the correct option is D.

Note: Alcohols are not used for removal of stains. The selection of solvent is too specific for stain removal as various factors have to be kept in mind. Thus be careful while choosing one solvent, or acid to remove the stain.