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The value of $\gamma$ for gas X is 1.66, then x is:
(A) $Ne$
(B) ${O_3}$
(C) ${N_2}$
(D) ${H_2}$

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Hint To answer this question we need to examine every mentioned option. The value of $\gamma$ determines what is the kind of gas. By the kind of gas, we mean it can be monatomic, diatomic and triatomic gas. This kind totally depends on the number that is represented by gamma or $\gamma$.

Complete step by step answer
We know that it is given that the value of gamma or $\gamma$ is given as $\dfrac{5}{3}$. This implies that it will be a monatomic gas.
And we notice that among the mentioned options we see that Neon or Ne is the only mentioned monoatomic gas.
For diatomic gas the value is 1.4 and for triatomic gas is 7.

Hence the correct answer is option A.

Note We should know that monatomic gas is defined as the gas which is composed of particles, which are specifically called molecules that will consist of single atoms.
It should also be known that all the chemical elements will be monoatomic in the gas phase at a very sufficiently high temperature.
The compound that is mentioned in the answer is Neon also represented by Ne. The atomic number of Neon is 10. Neon is formed by the distillation of the liquid air and is used in various ways like that in the fluorescent lamps.
The main features of Neon are that it is colourless, odourless, under the normal temperature and pressure conditions. The density of Neon is about two-third of the density of the air.