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The sun and stars glow because of the presence of:
D.None of the above

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Hint: The sun and other stars emit a lot of radiation in the form of light and other rays. These rays are usually formed because of chemical reactions taking place at very high temperatures. Most of these stars contain a variety of gases like hydrogen, which acts as a fuel. Due to the high temperature conditions at which these reactions occur, these gases are converted to plasma.

Complete Step-by-Step Answer:
Plasma can be understood as the fourth state of matter, apart from solids, liquids and gases. In order to understand plasma as a state of matter, let us understand the following scenario: we know that when we heat a regular solid, upon reaching a threshold level, this solid substance changes its state of matter and forms a liquid. Again, if we further heat this liquid, after reaching the threshold, this liquid substance gets converted to a gas. If we further heat this gas, after reaching a very high thermal value, this gas gets converted to a state of matter known as plasma. Plasma is an extremely hot state of matter which continuously emits radiation in the form of light and other rays.
The high temperature of the corresponds to the high intensity of the light generated. Hence the stars and the sun glow because of the presence of this plasma.
Hence, Option C is the correct option

Note: Another example of plasma is a neon sign. Just like a fluorescent light, neon signs are glass tubes filled with gas. When the light is turned on, the electricity flows through the tube. This electricity is then used to heat the neon gas present. After reaching a sufficient voltage, the heating effect of the electricity is enough to produce plasma.