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The strongest oxidising agent among the following is _________.
(a) Ozone
(b) Oxygen
(c) Fluorine
(d) Chlorine

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Hint: Try to recall that oxidising agents are those substances which have the ability to remove one or more electrons from another atom i.e. ions, atoms or molecules that tend to have large affinity for electrons. Now by using this you can easily find correct from the given options.

Complete step by step answer:
It is known to us that oxidation is the removal of electrons from an atom, ion or molecule and oxidising agents are those substances which have ability to gain electrons in redox reaction.
As the electronegativity of a species increases, its tendency to pull electrons also increases and as it’s tendency to pull electrons increases, the stronger oxidising agent it will be.
Now, it is known to you that fluorine is the highest electronegative element present in the modern periodic table. So, fluorine is the strongest oxidising agent among ozone, oxygen. Fluorine and chlorine.
Fluorine is so powerful that it can oxidise water to give hydrogen fluoride and oxygen gas. The reaction is:
$2{F_2}(g) + 2{H_2}O(l) \to 4HF(g) + {O_2}(g)$
Therefore, from above we can clearly say that option C is the correct option for the given question.

Note: It should be remembered to you that the compounds which are generally considered to be inert like glasses and steel are consumed by cold fluorine gas.
Also, you should remember that fluorine is the best oxidising agent because it has the highest reduction potential in electrochemical series.