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The resources that can be used again and again after due processing are called:
A) Abiotic resources
B) Natural resources
C) Cyclical resources
D) Human-made resources

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Hint:Resources are mainly classified as renewable and non-renewable resources. The resources that replenish itself is called renewable resources. The perishable resources with limited supply are called non-renewable resources. Some resources can be recycled and can be reused.

Complete step by step solution:
The process of converting unusable materials into new usable materials is called recycling. The recyclability of the material depends on the ability of the material to regain the properties it had in its original state. The materials that can be used again after recycling are called cyclical resources.

Therefore, The answer is Option (C): Cyclical resources.

Note: Natural resources exist without any human intervention. Human actions do not have any role in the existence of natural resources. Natural resources can be classified again into many subcategories. Natural resources can be mainly divided into biotic and abiotic.

The resources that are obtained from the biosphere (living and organic materials) are called biotic resources. Fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum fall under this category. Non-living resources are called abiotic resources. They usually fall under the sub-category of natural resources. The resources that are naturally available in the environment fall under the category of abiotic resources. Abiotic resources are not created or produced by any human action. Air, water, sunlight, minerals, etc. fall under the category of abiotic resources. Both biotic and abiotic resources depend on each other and the removal or modification of either could result in the imbalance of the ecosystem.
The substances that human-kind developed for the day to day usage in their lives are called man-made resources. They do not occur in nature by itself. Materials like plastic, genetically modified crops, etc. fall under this category. Man-made resources in many cases pose threat to nature.