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The resistance of a coil for DC is Rohms. When connected to ac supply the total resistance offered by circuit to ac current.
A). Will remain same B). Will increase. C). Will decrease. D). Will be

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Hint Resistance remains the same as any supply of current either ac or dc. The d.c. resistance is usually around 200 ohms in the battery feed and the same in the ground return with an inductance of 2 Henrys. If we are making a coil, you'll need to calculate the resistance needed and from that it's a simple matter of calculating the length. L = R / r (which is a terrible made up formula meaning Length = Resistance / Resistance per unit length).

Complete step-by-step solution
In reality the resistance which is not produced by coil has no skin effect in Ac.
Skin effect is a term in which, anything starts behaving like A her mating current is flowing at its surface.
Here the resistance produced is by coil which does not show skin effect.
Also it is the skin effect due to which the resistance is more in AC than in DC.
So, we can say that the resistance produced by the coil remains the same in both the current it. Attenuating current (AC) as well as direct current (DC)

Note In this question, we need to know about the effects when the connection is attached to either Alternating current or Direct current. Also, if we know about the effects we can get information about other things like magnetic behavior, etc. Secondary resistance is measured between the coil + terminal and the secondary tower (where the spark plug connects). This reading also will vary between the make of the coil, but it should be somewhere between 200 – 14,000 ohms!