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The product ‘C’ in the following sequence of a chemical reaction is :

(A) Acetaldoxime
(B) Formaldoxime
(C) Ethane Nitrile
(D) Acetoxime

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Hint:Chemical reaction is defined as the process which leads to the transformation of chemical substances from one form to another. In a chemical reaction, the substances undergoing transformation are called reactants and the new substances that are formed are called products. Oximes are the chemical compounds that belong to the class of imines, and they have the general formula of ${ R }_{ 1 }{ R }_{ 2 }{ C=N-OH }$

Complete step by step solution:
I) When acetic acid reacts with calcium hydroxide it gives calcium acetate as the product.
II) When calcium acetate is heated or dry distillates it gives acetone.
III) Acetone undergoes a condensation reaction with hydroxylamine it gives acetoxime.
> The following reaction will take place;

Hence, the correct option is D.
> Heating of solid materials to produce gaseous products (which may condense into liquids or solids) is called dry distillation.
- The method has been used to obtain liquid fuels from coal and wood. This method usually requires higher temperatures than classical distillation.
- Condensation reaction means two reactants react with the elimination of small molecules such as water, hydrochloric acid, etc.
- Oximes are the chemical compounds that belong to the class of imines, having the general formula of ${ R }_{ 1 }{ R }_{ 2 }{ C=N-OH }$, here ${ R }_{ 1 }$ is the organic side-chain whereas ${ R }_{ 2 }$ is the hydrogen, which forms an aldoxime, or like another group of organic compounds such as ketoxime.

Note: The possibility to make a mistake is that you may choose option A. But there is a difference between acetaldoxime and acetoxime. Acetaldoxime is one of the simplest oxime-containing compounds while acetoxime is one of the simplest forms of ketoxime.