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The part of communication system that extracts the signal at the output of the channel is
(A) Transducer
(B) Transmitter
(C) Receiver
(D) Receiver or transmitter

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Hint We will understand the concept of transducer, transmitter and receiver. We will analyse that information has just reached the output channel. We have to find the element which extracts the signal at the output.

Complete step by step solution
Communication system: It is the system through which one person can send their message to another person sitting at long distances. It is an electronic system of communication where signals are generated and get converted into 0 and 1 format and transmitted from one place to another.
It has its various elements such as:
- Signal
- Transducer
- Amplifier
- Modulator
- Transmitter
- Antenna
- Channel
- Receiver

Transducer: function of this is to convert the sound energy into electrical energy.

This electrical energy gets amplified with the help of an amplifier and sent to a modulator which then modulates amplitude, frequency and phase of the sound waves. These waves are sent to the transmitter.

Transmitter: modulated sound waves are transmitted via channels to the receiver.

Receiver: receiver receives the transmitted signals reached at the channel’s this point digital signals get converted back into analog signals.
It is asked in the question which element or part of the communication system is responsible for this extraction of signal at output, so it is now clear from the theory part that this element is known as Receiver.

So, option (C) is correct.

The channel has been used to send the signal. It has reached our end and we need to receive it. Hence, we need a device that receives it, which obviously leaves us with only one option that is the receiver.