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The optical instrument used in every cricket match is:
(A) Simple microscope
(B) Compound microscope
(C) Astronomical telescope
(D) Binocular

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint Magnification means two things, bringing farther objects closer and making smaller objects bigger. In this question scale is important. In binoculars we get two images of the same object which superimpose and give the perception of depth along with length and breadth hence giving a proper 3D image.

Complete step-by-step solution A microscope is used to measure and see objects at a very small scale, so small that they cannot be seen with naked eyes. A compound microscope is an advancement or an upgraded version of the simple microscope as it uses 2 lenses instead of 1. It has a higher magnification power than the simple microscope. An Astronomical telescope is used to see objects that are very far away like a distant star. They are employed to see very far away objects like the ones outside the Earth and powerful ones can even see objects outside our galaxies.
Binoculars are used to bring closer the objects that are a 10s-100s meters away. Hence it is the only option which can be used to see objects in a cricket match. They have varied range depending on the lenses used in them.

The option is D.

Note: Microscope and compound microscope are optical instruments used to see very small objects. Astronomical telescope is used to see objects at very far or high distances. In binoculars two telescopes are mounted parallel to each other so that an object can be seen by both eyes simultaneously.