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The number of fermi in 1 meter is
A. ${10^{13}}$
B. ${10^{14}}$
C. ${10^{15}}$
D. ${10^{16}}$

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Hint Fermi is a unit of measurement. It is used as a prefix. Its value is equal to \[{10^{ - 15}}\] . If fermi is used as the prefix for the measurement of length than one fermi is equal to \[{10^{ - 15}}\] meter. So, crossing over one meter has ${10^{15}}$ fermi. Nuclear distances are usually measured in Fermi.

Complete Step by step solution
 \[1fermi = 1 \times {10^{ - 15}}\;m\]
Therefore \[{10^{15}}\] fermi = 1meter
The metric unit prefix femto means one quadrillionth, or one (1) with fourteen (14) nulls in front of it, i.e. 0.000,000,000,000,01 or \[1 \times {10^{ - 15}}\] . That makes one femtometer equal to one quadrillionth of a meter.
The unit was named after an Italian physicist Enrico Fermi. Nuclear distances are usually of this order so they are measured in Fermi. Use of Fermi has become obsolete now and instead a femtometer is used.

So we can also say that \[1\] fermi =1 = 1 femtometer

Note: Using \[1fermi = 1 \times {10^{ - 15}}\;m\] , we get that \[{10^{15}}\] fermi = 1meter . We also know that nuclear distances are of order ${10^{ - 15}}$ and they are measured in Fermi. Femtometer is used instead of Fermi these days. Very short distance and physical quantities like in radius, mass and other quantities in atoms are usually measured in terms of fermi.