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The interference phenomena can take place

(A) in transverse wave

(B) in longitudinal wave

(C) in electromagnetic wave

(D) in all waves

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Interference takes place for any two waves which are coherent and have zero or constant phase difference irrespective of what type of waves they are.

Complete step-by-step solution

Interference is based on the concept of superposition where two waves overlap over each other and give a common resultant wave. Interference takes place when two waves of exactly same frequency travel in a medium in the same direction simultaneously then due to their superposition at some points intensity is max and at some point intensity is min. So, it does not depend on what kind of wave is superposing as long as they are from the same coherent sources.

Therefore, the correct option is D.

Note: The conditions necessary for interference to take place is both waves interfering with each other must be from the same source, that is sources must be coherent and they must have zero or constant phase difference.

This MCQ question can be solved with a trick as well. Look at the options. We know that the electromagnetic waves are transverse in nature. So choosing option C would mean that option A is also true and vice versa. This makes it impossible to opt for A or C. That way we have reduced our options to B or D.

Methods like these can be used in case you don’t know the answer