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The image formed in case of a convex mirror is always:
(A) Diminished
(B) Real
(C) Inverted
(D) Magnified

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Hint We know that the convex mirror is a curved mirror where the reflective surface bulges out towards the light source. This bulging out surface reflects light outwards and is not used to focus light. The most common application of the convex mirrors is in the rear and side view mirrors in the cars and as security mirrors in the public buildings because they allow us to see a wider view than flat or concave mirrors. Based on this concept we have to answer this question.

Complete step by step answer
We should know that the image that is formed in a convex mirror is always erect, virtual and diminished in the size.
As it is known to us that the point at which rays or the waves meet after reflection or the refraction, or the point from which diverging or the waves appear to proceed is known as the focal point.
So, we can say that the convex mirrors always form images which are formed behind the mirror, and the kind is virtual and erect in nature.
The location of the images is always between the focal point and the vertex of the mirror.
Hence, we can see that the image formed in case of a convex mirror is always diminished. So,

the correct answer is option A.

Note We should know that convex mirrors make the object look shorter and wider than it really is. If the mirror is bent inward, it is a concave mirror. This type of mirror makes the object look taller and wider than it really is.
We should know that reflection is the change in direction of a wavelength at an interface between two different media so that the wavefront returns into the medium from which it originated. For the better understanding we know that some examples of the reflection are reflection of the light, sound and water waves. Reflection can also be seen by us with surface waves in bodies of the water.