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The headlights of a car have reflectors behind the bulb. What is the function of those reflectors?
A) To concentrate the light rays into a beam
B) To show the magical effect of mirrors
C) To dissipate the heat energy generated by the bulb
D) None of these

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: You can find the answer to the asked question by considering what the cars actually need? A little bit less heat or the light beams to travel further and better? Obviously, cars need the headlights to travel further and more efficiently so that the drivers can watch the road and observe other drivers more easily for a lot of benefits. Now, tick the option you understood is correct from this hint.

Complete step by step answer:
As told in the hint section of the solution to the asked question, to answer the question correctly, you can use two main approaches to reach the correct answer.
Let’s consider what the cars actually need or want more? A little bit less heat or a more efficient light beam which travels longer and brighter or a “better” way? Obviously, during the rides at evening or at night, drivers want to be able to see as much as possible to make better decisions, thus, reducing the chances of accidents happening on the road? Obviously, the main reason to have reflectors behind the bulbs in the headlights is to reduce accidents by trying to make the light beams travel as long as possible and as brightly as possible.

Hence, we can confidently say that the correct option is the option (A) as the reflectors are put behind the bulb so that the light beams are concentrated into a more powerful and efficient beam.

Note: An important fact to know is that if the question is multi-correct type question, i.e. questions in which more than one options are correct, do tick both, option (A) and option (C) as correct because the mirrors or reflectors do also decrease the heat generated by the bulb and direct them towards outside of the car. But this isn’t the main and most effective reason, hence, only tick the option (A) when the question is only single correct.