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The device which is used to measure a specific heat capacity of solid and liquids is:

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Hint: The measurement of specific heat capacity of solid and liquid describes the measurement of the heat flow in case of any physical or chemical reaction, for any liquid or any solid. So to answer this question, we should be knowing the purpose behind the measurement by the device.

Complete step by step answer:
We should know that for making accurate measurements of heat transfer and also at the same time to prevent heat loss to the environment, we use an insulating device which is known as the Calorimeter.
Hence we can say that the device that is used for the measurement of specific heat capacity of solid and liquid is Calorimeter.
The main purpose of a calorimeter is described to be the measurement of the amount of the heat developed during the occurrence of any mechanical, chemical or electrical phenomenon. It is also used for knowing the heat capacity of various materials.

Note: In this question, we have come across the term specific heat capacity. We need to define the term for a better understanding. The specific heat capacity of a substance signifies the amount of energy that it must be provided with which should be in the form of heat, to one unit mass of the specific sample, so that there is an increase in temperature of the sample by one unit.
To find the specific heat capacity we must divide the heat capacity of the specific sample with the mass of the sample.