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The centre of the sphere from which the spherical mirror is formed is called:
A) Pole
B) Centre of curvature
C) Focus
D) None

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Hint: The point which forms the part of the spherical mirror and the distance of the point is equal to the distance of the radius of the sphere from the spherical mirror. We will define all other terms related to the spherical mirrors in order to get the term which is the centre of the sphere and from where the spherical mirror is formed.

Complete step by step solution:
A spherical mirror is a mirror which has the shape of a piece cut out of a spherical surface. Spherical mirrors are of two types: convex and concave mirrors. The point where the principal axis pierces the mirror is called the pole of the spherical mirror. Principal axis is the line passing through the centre of the surface of a lens or spherical mirror.

A large number of rays parallel to the principal axis after reflection from a concave mirror meet at a point on the principal axis or appear to come from a point after reflection from a convex mirror on the Principal axis. This is called Principal focus.

Centre of curvature is the point which is at a distance from the curve or spherical mirror equal to the radius of curvature. It is the point of centre from where the spherical mirror is carved out.

Note: Concave mirrors due to the converging properties are used as shaving mirrors, head mirrors used by doctors especially dentists, used in ophthalmoscope, astronomical telescope, head lights of the vehicles, solar furnaces because concave mirror can focus sun rays at particular point .on the other hand convex mirrors due to the diverging mirrors are used as rear view mirrors in vehicles, used for security purposes, used as street light reflector, used as ceiling dome mirrors.