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The application of a force would result in a change in the state of motion of an compressible object. The given statement is:

(A) Always true
(B) Not always true
(C) Always false
(D) Insufficient information

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Hint This question can be solved by using the concepts of Force and Motion. As we know force can cause both acceleration and deceleration, it can change the direction. By incorporating these concepts in the given statement we can get our answer.

Complete step by step answer
Force is said to be an interaction between more than two bodies which when unopposed can cause changes in the motion. It can also be described as push or pull.
A change in state of the motion is either a change in direction of the motion or the speed of the body. But many times it has been seen that the force applied does not result in the change of the state of motion which also happens when someone tries to push a wall. It results in no change of state of motion of the body on which the force is applied.
So we can say that it is not always true that an applied force would result in the change of state of motion of a body.

Therefore, the correct option is B.

Note We must know that an applied force can cause a combination of the effects such that it can accelerate and decelerate at the same time.
Practically it has been noticed that the applied force changes both direction and speed of the motion.