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The apparent weight of a body, weighting M kg, during free fall is:
(A) Less than M kg wt
(B) More than M kg wt
(C) Equal to M kg wt
(D) Zero

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Hint We should know that the weight of the body as affected by the buoyancy of a fluid, which can also be air, in which the body is immersed, being the true or the actual weight of the body minus the weight of the fluid that is displaced.

Complete step by step answer
We should know that during the free fall the body will experience acceleration due to the gravity in the downward direction and a pseudo acceleration in the upward direction which will also be equal to the acceleration due to the gravity.
The equation is given as:
$\Rightarrow {{W}_{apparent}}=m\times {{g}_{net}}=0$
Hence the correct answer is option D.

Note We should know that in Physics, free fall is defined as any motion experienced by a body where gravity is the only acting force on the body. In the consideration of relativity, the gravitation is reduced to a space time curvature and the body in free fall will have no force acting on it.