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What is the symbol for atomic number 117?
A. Uus
B. Uns
C. Uno
D. Uut

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Hint: The name is derived from the atomic number of elements using the Latin numerical roots. These roots are then further put together in order of the digits which makes up the atomic number.

Complete step by step answer:
The numeral or number prefixes are the prefixes derived from the numerals or from other numbers. The Latin numerical roots are used to determine the name of the element. Further, the roots are put together in order of the digits which make up the atomic number and terminated by ‘ium’ to spell out the name.
The Latin numerical roots are:
0 Nil
1 un
2 bi
3 tri
4 quad
5 pent
6 hex
7 sept
 8 oct
9 enn
Now, the symbol of the element is composed of the initial letters of the numerical roots which make up the name. The final ‘n’ of ‘enn’ is elided when it occurs before ‘nil’ and the final ‘i’ of ‘bi’ and of ‘tri’ when it comes before ‘ium’.
Now, let us combine the name of the element 117 by looking at the numerical roots.
So, the name will be Uus. (Unnunseptium)

Hence, option A is correct.

The element with atomic number 117 in the periodic tale is Tennessine. It is a super heavy element of the periodic table, which does not occur naturally and is synthesized by exposing a radioisotope target to a beam of another specific isotope. The element is only used for the purpose of research.