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How will you represent a resistance of $4500 \pm 10 \%$ using color code?

Last updated date: 22nd Jun 2024
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Hint: We know that to represent the resistance we have certain specific color combinations specified so keeping that in mind one can find the solution to the above question. Use the color for the numbers and multiplier.

Complete answer:
In this question, the code can be written as follows:
The value of carbon resistance $4500 \pm 10 \%$ will be equal to $45 \times 10^2 \pm 10 \%.$
We know that the color for $10 \%$ accuracy is silver.
Now we have to find out the colors for the number $4$, $5$ and multiplier $100$. The colours for these are yellow, green and red respectively.
As this is a 4-band resistor the representation is shown in the figure below.

As depicted in the figure the tolerance and the value has a large gap in between. So, one needs to take care while reading the values and hold the resistor in the right way.

Therefore, the correct representation for the resistance given in the question is yellow, green, red and silver.

Note: The color band on resistance is used to identify the value and function of the resistor. When the resistor body is small enough that it becomes difficult to read the text mentioned on the body of the resistor giving information regarding value and tolerance of resistor then the knowledge of color coding helps. The sequence for the color code is “BBROYGBVGW”.