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Reindeer are made to pull the sleds in arctic regions. The force involved in this activity is
(A) Frictional force
(B) Gravitation force
(C) Magnetic force
(D) Muscular force

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Hint: In arctic regions there will be snow and ice. The surface is covered by snow and the sea is covered by ice and glaciers. In the snow we cannot walk or use vehicles, in that situation they use reindeers to pull the sledges and use it like a cart. Carefully go through the given option and select the force used by the reindeers in pulling the sledges.

Complete step by step answer:
Magnetic force: The force of attraction or repulsion between electrically charged particles due to their motion. The force which is responsible the attraction of iron to magnets
Gravitational force: The force of attraction between any two objects with mass. The gravitational force is attractive because it always tries to pull masses, it never pushes them apart. The fact is that every object in the universe, including you, is pulling every other object in the entire universe.
Frictional force: The force generated by two surfaces when they contact or slide against each. The frictional force depends on the surface texture and the quantity of force impelling.
Muscular force: The force applied utilizing portions of the body of living things particularly animals. It is a force that results because of the action of the body part- muscles.
In arctic regions the reindeers are used to pull sledges.
The muscles i.e. the legs of reindeers are used to pull the sledges so the force involved in here is muscular force

Hence the correct answer is option (D) muscular force.

Note: We are familiar with frictional force, gravitational force and magnetic force but muscular force is unfamiliar to us. Some students find it odd and they would think that muscular force would not be the correct answer. So think twice and recall the concepts before you choose the correct answer.