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Pyrolusite is:
(A) A sulphide ore of Mn
(B) An oxide ore of Mn
(C) A carbide ore of P
(D) A chloride ore of Zn

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Hint: Out of numerous minerals in which some metal may be present, only a few are feasible to be used as the basis of that metal. That type of minerals are known as ores. In nature not all elements occur in pure states. In nature Pyrolusite is a Brown-black solid containing manganese metal.

Complete step by step answer:
* We know that some metals or elements exist in nature in combined states with other chemicals.
* The combined state of metals with other elements is called ores and the pure metal from the ore is obtained after various metallurgical processes.
* Pyrolusite is an ore containing Manganese metal.
* Manganese exists as Manganese oxide in Pyrolusite.
* There Pyrolusite is an oxide of Manganese (\[Mn{{O}_{2}}\]).
* Therefore Manganese is present in the form of an oxide in Pyrolusite.

So, the correct option is B.

Additional information:
* Pyrolusite is a black, amorphous mineral containing Manganese.
* Pyrolusite is widely used for the manufacture of ferromanganese and of many alloys for example manganese-bronze.
* Pyrolusite is used as an oxidizing agent in the preparation of chlorine.
* Pyrolusite is used in the manufacture of green and violet color paints.
* Natural pyrolusite is used in batteries.

Note: The oxidation state of manganese in Pyrolusite (\[Mn{{O}_{2}}\]) is +4. Manganese is going to be represented with the chemical symbol “Mn” and its atomic number is 25.
Manganese is a metal belonging to d-block and group-7 in the periodic table.