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Picture signal of TV-signal is
A) Amplitude Modulated
B) Frequency Modulated
C) Phase Modulated
D) Pulse Modulated

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Television is a telecommunication medium which is used for transmitting moving images in monochrome that is black and white or in colour. There are transmitters and receivers which make the transfer of moving images happen.

Complete solution:
There are various components of a wave. Few of the components of the wave are its amplitude, frequency, phase and pulse. Depending upon the data to transmit various parameters of the wave are varied. Frequency modulation is used to transmit audio signals. It is generally spread out in a wide area and one has to tune the instrument to get the sound, one fine example of Frequency modulation is FM radio. In phase modulation the width of a wave is varied according to the requirement.
The phase modulation is used in our mobile phones’ sim, it is used in many digital coding schemes. In pulse modulation the signal is transmitted in the form of pulses, in pulse modulation the signal is transmitted at regular intervals. It can be used to transmit analogue information. In amplitude modulation the height of a particular wave segment is varied, essentially the strength of the carrier wave is varied so that it can reach a particular place or an area without getting distorted. Amplitude modulation is generally used for transmitting the video signal.
Generally, a wave is being modulated or wrapped in a carrier wave because the wave is not capable enough to transmit at a long distance. Essentially, we can use various wave modulations to transmit the audio and visual signals but amplitude modulation is used because the design structure of the receiver and transmitter that is required for amplitude modulation is easy and simple. Therefore, it used in tv signal transmission

Option (A) is correct, Picture signal of TV-signal is Amplitude modulated.

Note: Explain each of the given options in detail and provide a suitable example for each given option and give a reason as to why in the first place there is a need to modulate a wave, after that state the importance of AM in transmitting TV signals.