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$PC{{l}_{3}}$ is a precursor to which type of chemical compounds?
A. Organophosphorus compounds
B. Organonitrogen compounds
C. Organolithium compounds
D. Organo compounds

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint: $PC{{l}_{3}}$ is toxic and volatile. It is an important chemical which is made from phosphorus and chloride. It is found that $PC{{l}_{3}}$ is being used for the manufacture of various other compounds.

Complete step by step answer:
- $PC{{l}_{3}}$is a precursor to Organophosphorus compounds.
- Organophosphorus compounds are the compounds containing phosphorus. It is found that Phosphorus is found to adopt a variety of oxidation states, and hence Organophosphorus compounds are classified based on their derivatives of phosphorous(V) vs phosphorous(III), these are found to be the predominant. For example: Phosphites and Phosphonates.
- Phosphonates are the esters of phosphonic acid. Phosphites are called phosphite esters, that have the general structure, and also show oxidation state of+3.
- The intermediate between phosphites and phosphonites are phosphinite.
- Organophosphines are ligands and nucleophiles. The major applications of these as reagents in Wittig reaction are as supporting phosphine ligands.
- Organophosphates are also the class of Organophosphorus compounds. These are also known to be the esters of phosphoric acid. It is also found that Organophosphates occur in various ranges. For example: biomolecules like DNA, ATP and RNA. And also as herbicides, insecticides etc.

Hence the correct answer is option A

We should be careful while using Organophosphorus compounds. On exposure to even small amounts of these compounds can be found fatal and also lead to death, due to the respiratory failure, depression of the brain centre etc.