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One unit of electrical energy is equal to:
A) \[3.6 \times {10^5}J\]
B) $3.6 \times {10^6}J$
C) $36 \times {10^5}J$
D) {\text{Both (A) and (B)}}

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Hint: To find the solution of the given question first we need to know what is an electrical energy and its formula to calculate the one unit of an electrical energy. For one unit of an electrical energy, one watt power is consumed for 1 hour.

Formula used:
The energy formula is, $Energy = Power \times time$
$Joule$ is the unit for $energy$
$Watt$ is the unit for $Power$.
$\operatorname{Sec} ond$ is the unit for $Time$.

Complete step by step solution:
Electrical energy is a kind of energy in which the energy is derived from the electric potential energy or a kinetic energy. The electric energy can be converted from an electric potential energy when we use it loosely. The energy which is supplied by the combination of an electric current and an electric potential and it is delivered by an electrical circuit. Without this electrical energy we are not able to use electrical appliances.
We need to know that it could cease to be an electrical potential energy when the electrical potential energy has been converted into another type of energy. All the electrical energy is potential energy only before it is delivered to end use. Once it is converted into potential energy then the electrical energy is always called it as another type of energy that is in the form of heat, light and motion etc.
Now, we know the formula for calculating one unit of electrical energy,
$ \Rightarrow $ $Energy = Power \times Time$
To find the energy for one unit,
$ \Rightarrow $ $1unit$ = $1KWh$
The above equation is if one watt power is consumed for 1 hour and so the energy consumed is one watt-hour.
We know the formula that $1kW = 1000W$, $1hr = 60\min $ and $1\min = 60\sec $
So $1hr = 3600\sec $
$ \Rightarrow $ $1unit = 1000W \times 3600\sec $
$ \Rightarrow $ $1$ $unit = 3.6 \times {10^6}J$
Hence the one unit of electrical energy is equal to $3.6 \times {10^6}J$.

So therefore Option (B) is correct.

Note: An electrical energy is used throughout the world because without electrical energy we can’t receive any facilities in day to day life. Electric energy can be emitted from energy sources such as power plants and it can enable an object to consume power to function.