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LPG is a mixture of:
(A) C$_6$H$_{12}$ + C$_6$H$_6$
(B) C$_4$H$_{10}$ + C$_3$H$_8$
(C) C$_2$H$_4$ + C$_2$H$_2$
(D) C$_2$H$_4$ + CH$_4$

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Hint: LPG is also known as liquefied petroleum gas. It is used as fuel in households, known as LPG cylinders. It consists of propane, butane, butylene, and isobutane. Identify the main components of LPG gas among them.

Complete step by step solution:
> First, let us know about the LPG gas. As mentioned, LPG consists of propane, butane, isobutane, propylene, and butylene.
> These hydrocarbons relate to the highly flammable nature of LPG gas.
> If we see the components of LPG, then the first is propane with the chemical formula C$_3$H$_8$, considered as the primary component of LPG.
> The second component is butane having chemical formula C$_4$H$_{10}$, it is easily compressed into the liquid state.
> The third component is isobutane with the chemical formula CH(CH$_3$)$_3$,also known as 2- Methyl propane. It is the structural isomer of butane.
> The fourth component is propylene with the chemical formula C$_3$H$_6$, it is an unsaturated compound with one C-C double bond.
> Now, talking about the fifth one i.e. butylene with the chemical formula C$_4$H$_8$, it is also known as butane.
> Thus, from the given options, we can say that the main components of LPG are propane, and butane.
> In the last we can conclude that the LPG is a mixture of butane, and propane, with the chemical formula C$_4$H$_{10}$ + C$_3$H$_8$.
Hence, the correct option is (B).

Note: Don’t get confused while finding the mixture components. You must know the components of LPG gas, and their chemical formulae. As in this case too; we were able to identify the correct mixture formula.