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Lighting circuit is used for running
(A) High power rating devices
(B) Low power rating devices
(C) Heavy devices
(D) Light devices

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Hint We will observe that electrical energy is converted into light energy. We will see that the flow of the same electrons will get converted into different energy forms. We will be finding out only that device in which the end product is light energy.

Complete step by step solution

The term electricity is related to the phenomenon of electric charge. Charge is denoted by an alphabet ‘e’.
$1e = 1.6 \times {10^{ - 19}}C$
Current (I)= rate of flow of charges. Its SI unit is Ampere(A).
There are various circuits for the applications of charges. There are various circuits designed in such a manner which allows large numbers of charges through it in a unit interval of time while others draw less amount of charge.
This rate of flow of energy is termed as power(P).
The elements which lose electrons in less amount say 5A are termed as low power rating devices. Heat dissipation rate is low. Application: bulbs, tube-lights etc. Lighting circuits are used for running such kinds of low power devices.
The elements which lose electrons in greater amounts say 15A are termed as low power rating devices. Heat dissipation rate is also high. Application: electric motors and geysers etc.
Heavy devices are used to run devices like trains etc.
Light devices are basically used to convert electrical energy into light energy.

So, (D) is the correct option.

We should use circuits that are able to convert one form of energy into light energy. Secondly, lighting circuits use very less current through it. So, the device which is used to perform this phenomenon is nothing but light devices.