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Law of reflection holds true for:
(A) Plane mirrors only
(B) Concave mirrors only
(C) Convex mirrors only
(D) All reflecting surfaces

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Hint Reflection is an optical phenomenon involving a surface that bounces back the light. We know that the Law of reflection states that ‘angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection’. The law is independent of nature and shape of the surface.

Complete step-by-step solution Reflection from a surface does not depend upon the nature or orientation of the surface, it only depends upon the small area over which the reflection is occurring.
In the case of a plane, concave and convex mirror the small area over which the reflections occur are present and therefore the Law of reflection holds true for all reflecting surfaces irrespective of their shape, size, nature or orientation.

Therefore, the answer we get is option D.

Note: Students often choose option A i.e. plane mirror, because the law was first introduced to them on such a surface and the law is not clearly visible on a spherical mirror due to varying normal to the surface. Therefore, one must keep in mind that the law is true for all the surfaces.