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If an object moves along the straight path it is said to be _________________ or ______________ motion. Fill in the blank
(A) Linear
(B) One dimensional
(C) Two dimensional
(D) Both A and B

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Hint We know that motion is a change of state of position of an object with respect to its surroundings in the provided time interval. Motion can be described mathematically in the terms of distance, displacement, velocity, and speed, etc. Motion is of many types out of which four are more prominent.

Complete Step By Step Answer
They are named as linear, rotational, oscillatory, and reciprocating motion.
Linear motion means motion in a straight line.
Rotational motion is observed when the body makes a circular motion.
Oscillatory motion occurs moves to and fro from its mean and fixed position.
Reciprocating motion means the motion of up and down, two and fro in a straight line.
The linear motion, also known as rectilinear motion is a motion of an object in a straight line hence it is a one-dimensional motion also.

Hence option (D) is the correct option.

Additional information Linear motion is the most basic of all motion. It can be observed in our day to day life. An athlete running in a straight path is an example of linear or rectilinear motion. Similarly, when a stone is thrown upwards then after reaching a certain height it starts falling from a certain height in a straight line downwards direction is also an example of linear motion.

Note We have to note that motion can be a scalar quantity as well as a vector quantity. For example, distance and speed are scalar quantities that require only the magnitude while on the other hand, the terms like displacement and velocity are vector quantities, they require magnitude as well as direction also.