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Heat which can also get transferred is
(A) Thermal heat
(B) Mechanical heat
(C) Radiant heat
(D) None of these

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Hint:We need to observe the first term of each option like mechanical, thermal and radiant. By comparing these and the various ways of transfer of heat, we can get the correct answer.

Complete step by step answer:
The transfer of heat is done from a hot body to a cool body. This transfer can be done in three ways-
Conduction: If in the process of transmission of heat, no movement of the body’s particle is observed, then it is the process of conduction. You can observe this when heat transmission occurs in solids and mercury.
Convection: If in the heat transmission, there is movement observed in the particles, then it is said to be convection. You observe this in fluids (liquid and gases).
Radiation: If the heat transmission does not require medium, if by chance a medium is present then the transmission does not get heated.
Conduction, convection are slow processes, but radiation is fast. The path of transmission of conduction and convection can be zig - zag but the radiation path is straight.

We know that radiation is a process of heat transfer from one body to another body without any effect on the medium.

Hence, the correct option is C. Radiant heat

Additional information:

The radiant energy is defined as the emitted energy of the body per second. Radiant energy travels at the speed of light and is in electromagnetic waves form. It depends on two factors – nature of body surface and the body temperature. So, if the temperature is less, then the emitted energy is also less, on increasing the temperature, emission rate increases rapidly.