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Gobar gas is a
(A) Solid fuel
(B) Liquid fuel
(C) Primary fuel
(D) Secondary fuel

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Hint Gobar gas is naturally present in compost heaps as gas, it is formed as a result of enteric fermentation in cattle and other ruminants. It can also be produced in anaerobic digesters from plant or animal waste or collected from landfills.

Complete step by step answer
Resources are wealth or assets. Resources are of two types, natural resources and manmade resources.
The gobar gas is a fuel that comes under natural resources. Gobar gas is also known as biogas. Gobar gas is a gas fuel made from cow dung (mostly from cow dung). Cow dung is allowed to dry completely when all the moisture in the cow dung is dried. The dry cow dung is burned, while burning it releases a gas mainly methane and carbon dioxide which is known as gobar gas. Since cow dung is obtained from a living thing it comes under natural resource.
From above we can say that gobar gas is not a solid or liquid fuel. It is a gas fuel
Primary fuel is the fuel that is obtained directly from nature. It is not modified. Example: wood, coal, gobar gas, crude oil etc.
Secondary fuel is obtained from primary fuel, i.e. the primary fuels are modified or combined with other artificial substances. Example: charcoal, coke, gasoline, hydrogen fuel.
Since gobar gas is obtained directly from nature it is a primary fuel.

Hence the correct answer is option (C) primary fuel

Note Natural resources are the wealth that are given by nature, where manmade resources are artificial which are made by man, the man made resources are the resources made from natural resources by man.
Some of the natural resources are oil, petroleum, coal, natural gas, forest, metals, air, sunlight, wind, land etc.
Some of the manmade resources are machines, artificial chemicals, computers, internet, vehicles etc.