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Copper metal is a
A) Good conductor of electricity
B) Bad conductor of electricity
C) Magnetic substance
D) Bad conductor of heat
E) None of these

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: Each metal has its own distinct thermal, optical, electrical properties and so no. Copper is a soft malleable and has high thermal and electrical conductivity.

Complete step by step answer:
Copper is a chemical element that has a symbol (Cu) and atomic number 29. It is one of the few metals that can conduct electricity in its pure form. The major application of copper is electrical wiring as well as in industrial machinery. The reason copper is used as electrical wiring is that it has one of the highest conductivity among metals. Hence copper is a good conductor of electricity so option (A) is correct. Also, option (B) is then incorrect.
Copper is diamagnetic in nature which means it will oppose any external fields applied to it. Hence, we cannot call copper a magnetic substance either since only ferromagnetic substances are called magnetic substances.
Copper is also used as a heat dissipator in industrial appliances since it is very efficient in dissipating the heat from the system because of its good thermal conduction properties.

Hence copper is a good conductor of electricity so option (D) is incorrect.

Note: To answer such questions, we must be aware of the basic properties of different metals. Copper is used widely in all kinds of electrical wiring which can provide a hint that it is a good conductor of electricity. The reason copper is a good conductor of electricity is that it has a good amount of free electrons which can conduct electricity. However, silver has a higher electrical conductivity but since it is costly, it is not used for wiring.