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Clear images of soft tissues can be well studied using:
(B) X-rays
(C) ultrasonics
(D) I.R rays

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Hint To see the clear image of the soft tissue, the medical industry did the process called scan. The scanning is the process to see the conditions of the internal organs of the living beings. By using the rays, the internal organs can be captured as an image.

Complete step by step solution
The different types of the rays can be used to see the internal organs of the human body. Some of the rays are harmful to the soft tissue of the human body. So, the different types of rays are used to see the different internal organs of the human body. So, to see the soft tissue, the MRI is used.

The full form of the MRI is the Magnetic resonance imaging. It is the imaging technique which is used to display the image of the internal organ of the human body. The image shown by the MRI is more clear than the X-rays. In the MRI scan, the protons of the hydrogen in the human body synchronize along the magnetic field when it is connected to the magnet of the same face. In the human body it is filled with some of the water, so all the tissue contains the protons of the hydrogen which reacts to the magnetic field.

A radio wave is transmitted to the human body, so that all the protons react to the radio wave, when the radio wave is switched off, the protons slowly go to the initial state and the energy is released. Depending on the energy and the time required to reorient the proton, the MRI will give the image of the soft tissue.

Hence, the option (A) is the correct answer.

Note The MRI scan is a better option than the CT scanning because it creates the more preferable image of the internal organs of the human body. And the radiation of the rays does not affect the internal parts of the human body and the physician also.