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Chromium plating is on many articles so that they:
A) Have shiny appearance
B) Do not corrode
C) Resist Scratches
D) All of these.

Last updated date: 25th Jun 2024
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Hint: We know that chromium plating is a process in which a metal object is electroplated with a thin layer of chromium. This layer makes a protective layer for the metal object and along with the protection it has many other advantages like it makes the metal object look shiny and decorative.

Complete answer:
Let us take the all the options one by one and analyzing them to get a correct option,
Option A: As we know that chromium plating has a lot of advantages, along with the protection of the metal object from foreign wear and tear, it also provides a shiny appearance to the surface of the object. Hence, this option is true.

Option B: As we know that chromium plating on metal objects is a process of electroplating of thin layers of chromium. Now, we know that if the layer of chromium is there on the outer surface of the object, then it will not get corroded because chromium is neutral with air and water or it doesn’t react with air and water. So, this option is also true.

Option C: We know that chromium plating increases the surface hardness of metal objects or in other words, it makes the surface of the metal object scratch proof. Hence, this option is also true.

Option D: Now, we can see that all the above options are correct. So, this option is the final and correct option for the above problem.

Hence, the correct option is D.

Note: We know that plating is the widely used process in the world. Plating can be done with different metals on different metals. Plating like, zinc plating, chromium plating are widely used in manufacturing industries to give their product maximum durability.