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JEE Main Maths Preparation Tips

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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How to Prepare for JEE Main Maths 2023?

While preparing for competitive exams like IIT JEE, Maths is one of the most important & possibly, more difficult subjects that candidates have to deal with to crack the exam with good marks. 

However, the preparation of Mathematics is comparatively easier than the other two sections - Physics & Chemistry. If prepared strategically, the subject can turn the table for many JEE aspirants as it is among the most scoring subjects. It is not Getting 90% scores in the JEE Mathematic section provided frequent practice & knowledge of the new JEE Main Mathematics examination pattern. 

We’ve discussed a few important Maths study tips for IIT JEE that every aspirant must know about.

Tips to Prepare Mathematics For JEE Main

If you’re aspiring & preparing for JEE Main 2023 but wondering about “how to study Maths for JEE Main”, here are some tips you can follow to nail your Maths preparation. Mathematics is the most scoring subject of all the three subjects covered in the JEE Main exam. Based on calculations & formulas, the subject requires constant practice & practice.

Read below to learn the JEE Main 2023 preparation tips for Math.

1. Be an Early Bird

If you find Mathematics to be tough to prepare for, the very first & foremost Maths preparation tip for JEE is to start preparing early. Students are usually recommended to start from the 11th or 12th standard to find the common and important topics and prepare accordingly.

Early preparation will give you ample time to practice, revise & clear your doubts in the JEE Maths syllabus 2023. Additionally, you can avoid last-minute anxiety and get to complete your syllabus much before time.

2. Build a Proper Schedule

How to prepare for JEE Main Math? Plan out a schedule for your JEE Main Maths preparation 2023 and stick to it throughout your preparations. Try to include all the activities, such as required study hours, breaks in between, revision hours, & rest schedules, and allow sufficient time for all of them.

Many aspirants who wish to clear JEE Main exam often need to pay more attention to taking breaks and go for constantly study to complete the syllabus on time. But it often results in an overload of information and sometimes even stress & brain exertion. Students are advised to take at least a 15 to 20-minute break after every study hour.

3. Align the Syllabus

Once you’ve prepared a timetable, the next step is to structure and align your syllabus properly. List all the important topics/chapters in all the subjects and schedule proper time according to your preparation & difficulty level. While allowing a timeline for the listed topics, figure out the total duration it will take for you to complete the syllabus. Make sure you leave proper time for revision & practice questions. It will help you to boost concepts and complete your preparation on time.

4. Cover High-Scoring Units First

How to prepare for JEE Main Math? One of the most important Maths preparation tips for IIT JEE is to list important topics and grab command over them. This way, you can secure the maximum marks in the exam and score better. 

Probability, Definite Integration, Circles, Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, Limit and Continuity, Matrices and Determinants, Probability and Statistics, Parabola, etc., are some of the most important Maths topics in JEE Main. 

Go through the JEE Main 2023 syllabus and know the important topics, their weightage, how many questions will be asked, etc. It will help you understand what types of questions are asked in exams, and you can easily differentiate between easy, moderate, and difficult chapters based on their weightage.

5. Solve Mock Tests/Previous Year Question Papers

Another preparation tip for Maths for JEE Main is to practice as many mock tests & last year’s question papers as possible. You will learn what level of preparation, accuracy, and speed are required to excel in the JEE Main exam. It gives you an idea about the questions asked and topics covered. Plus, you can use a timer to track your speed of attempting questions and evaluate your weak points to pay attention to them later.

6. Refer to the Best Books

NCERT textbooks are considered the best study aids not only for Maths but for all the three subjects. These books cover important topics/chapters in an easy & explanative language. You must complete them for a better understanding of the fundamentals. Apart from them, there are other best books for JEE Main Maths preparation that students must refer to:

  • Co-ordinate Geometry by S.L.Loney

  • Problems in Calculus of One Variable Algebra by I.A.Maron

  • Algebra by Arihant 

  • Trigonometry; 103 Trigonometry Problems by Titu Andreescu & Zuming Feng 

  • Introduction Probability and its application by W. Feller, etc.

7. Maintain a Maths Dictionary

If you’re wondering, “how to prepare for JEE Main Math”, a good practice is to list down all the equations and theories used in a chapter and keep them handy for better retention. Maths is a subject that deals with lots of equations and formulas within a single chapter. It can often lead to confusion and forgetfulness. So it is better to maintain a separate notebook for them to learn quickly and more efficiently. You can refer to flashcards or a handy diary while solving questions.

8. Focus on Concept Building

Last, but not least, while preparing for the JEE Main Maths exam, your utmost focus should be clearing the fundamentals and developing a deep understanding of each chapter/topic. One of the major reasons candidates can’t score well in Maths is due to lack of basic knowledge. Sometimes, Maths questions may seem too tricky or difficult, but if your concepts are clear, you can efficiently solve them.


These are a few Maths preparation tips you can follow during your JEE Main 2023 exams. Remember, Mathematics is a subject with lots of equations and formulas. So, it is better to practise a lot. And finally, keep a positive outlook, stick to the timetable, and believe in yourself!!

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FAQs on JEE Main Maths Preparation Tips

1. What is the best book for coordinate geometry in JEE Main Maths?

Aspirants can refer to Co-ordinate Geometry by S.L.Loney or SK Goyal Coordinate Geometry. Both are the best books for JEE Geometry Mathematics.

2.  Which chapter has the highest weightage in JEE Main Maths?

Coordinate Geometry, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Trigonometry, and Circle are high-weightage topics in JEE Main Math.

3. Is NCERT enough for JEE Main Maths 2023?

NCERT books can help candidates strengthen their concepts for JEE Main Maths but are also recommended to practice questions from other books.